1. oipika

    Socials v1.0

    OVERVIEW This is only a config file for the plugin known as Deluxemenus. It supports versions 1.8 and above. Note: This setup was configured and tested on Spigot 1.8 and on Deluxemenus 1.13.3. These files only modify everything related to the messages/aesthetics. Other aspects of the plugin...
  2. Septynetas

    SN-Dice v1.0

    SN-DICE SN-Dice is a Minecraft plugin that reinvents coin flip mechanics with dynamic dice-based gameplay. It introduces randomness and excitement with customizable dice rolls, fostering interactive challenges and fair gameplay. Integrated with in-game economies, SN-Dice ensures transparency...
  3. raiyan9

    The Prince Of Wales, Pub & Bar v1.0

    A medium-sized pub/social centre located inside a street, This pub has a detailed interior and is a perfect place to hang out, perfect for anyone looking to add a "stable/hallmark" to their 146 x 194 Studs Map/Pub Pub located in a street with detailed buildings 68 Sitting Spots Day/Night...
  4. raiyan9

    School Campus V2 v2.0

    This is a very large school that is perfect if you want to start your own school game. It features everything you would need for a school game and is perfect for role playing. Highly detailed school building Large-sized building with 6 Floors LOTS Of Classrooms Cafeteria Medium-sized Library...
  5. xIdentified

    ReferralDomains v1.2

    Plugin requires a Cloudfare domain to function! I've always wanted to have a simple referral system for my server that requires little effort from players. Here's my take on a domain-based player referral system! This plugin should make it easy for your players to invite their friends and be...
  6. raiyan9

    Chateau de Charlemagne v1.0

    The Roblox French Chateau offers an idyllic countryside retreat, blending classic French charm with modern comfort. Its elegant design, meticulously landscaped gardens, and versatile roleplay scenarios make it perfect for various game genres. Whether you seek relaxation or creativity, this...
  7. NorteX

    Personal links page | Simple & elegant | v1.1.0

    Enjoy the ease of sharing your links with our simple personal links sharing website. Over 18 links supported + custom links with more coming in upcoming updates. Get support for any question, demo request or help configurating and installing >
  8. Mantas from MNTS

    simple personal website w/ a card design v1.0

    At MNTS, we love making custom logos, thread designs, websites, and so much more. But sometimes, something a little simpler (with a little flair ✨) is just enough. For this, we have our templates, now available to purchase from BuildByBit. Do you want a simple, $0/month hosted personal website...
  9. nitrixexe

    Evolution X | A Multipurpose Discord Bot v1.5

    Graphics Inspired From: Swqpping Support Server: TOS: No Refunds You cannot Resell, Redistribute or Repost this bot Works only on Nodejs v18.16.1
  10. mrleavendofficial


    VISIT TODAY We have the cheapest rates on MC-Market! Instagram YouTube TikTok Twitter Spotify More on request (Message me which services you want!) I will give the first 3 people who will reply to this thread FREE BALANCE! (Create ticket if i dont answer)...
  11. Sabrysm

    Selling my Social Networking app

    I will send you a Social media web application I was working on and stopped due to being busy, You will receive the files and you will have my support until the Social Network app works with you fine! from here you can continue its development .. this Project was made using Django framework and...
  12. Lorenzo0111


  13. wickven

    Discord Vanities | .gg/General and .gg/Ferrari

    Title says HQ#0001 (960304757132644422) looking for offers
  14. Naspo

    [Paid] Seeking TikTok Manager

    -- POSITION FILLED -- Hello MCM! I'm Naspo, owner and founder of DeltaRealms. We are a new cross-platform server that just re-launched recently and with that, we are in a very important early growing stage. I am looking for someone very experienced with the TikTok algorithm, and Minecraft...
  15. United Lands

    [PAID] [$10/week] 🌟 Social Media Manager 🌟

    THIS POSITION IS CLOSED Hello, my name is Litning11 and I'm the Owner of United Lands! 🌟 United Lands is a geopolitical Towny server for Java and Bedrock. We are currently open and looking for a dedicated Social Media Manager to help promote the server and bring in new players! 🌟 🎉 As a...
  16. Prism3

    Social [ Outdated ] v1.2

    This project has been merged with another resource Download it here
  17. Ijcerdas

    ⭐Ian's Diner | Anime ⭐ Social ⭐ Giveaways ⭐ Gaming ⭐ Memes ⭐ Crypto ⭐ Chill ⭐ Fun
  18. trielice

    Social Club Account Checker Captchaless Tool After purchase you will get: ✔️ Download link & License key Requirements High quality proxy Unique features Checks whether GTA V is for Steam, EpicGames or SocialClub (This task requires 2captcha) Captchaless How to use? Extract the archive, run the checker...
  19. CoastalStudios

    EndlessUtilities Reborn [1.8-1.12x] New /rules & Inventory! v1.1.1

    Patch v1.1.1: Quick Fix This plugin was designed by @Fang456 and allows servers to add commands to advertise their social media, website and store! With completely new customizable features and a massive recode, this could be possible be the next most popular utility plugin! How to load To...
  20. ReflexShow

    [ FREE ! ] LinksGUI | Manage your social media links in GUI! [Ingame GUI Editor] [1.13+]

    MAIN GUI INGAME EDITOR Right click on link - only if you have permission to edit. CANCEL SELECTION BY WRITE 'exit' OR 'cancel' IN CHAT
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