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  1. artaman

    Lary Bot | Discord Server Bot v1.0

    Features Welcome/Goodbye message Ticket System (Help, Ban Application, Complaints, Application, Suggestions) Transcripts You can can change anything you want on this product (Starting with Bot name - finally with Button Name) :) after purchase you will get full working source code! **a better...
  2. dev-star

    Syrup | Multipropose Bot v1.0

  3. Savag3Life

    Source & Resale Rights to 20 Individual Projects | 1.8 - 1.12 Factions/Skyblock plugins

    Looking to rehome some older projects. Had several old customers asking about them recently & a couple of people looking to purchase so I figured I'd see if anyone wanted them. All 20 projects must go in one sale. It's one large collection called "Supreme" that comes with the old sales Discord...
  4. Daaz

    Ownership | Hub Core And Road Generator Plugins

    Hello everyone! Today I'm offering 2 of the plugins that owns Astro Operations at the moment, their names are Orbit (Hub Core) and Genesis (Road Generator). Orbit has been on the market for a year and a half, at the moment it has 80 customers (it doesn't have updates in a year). Genesis has...
  5. Devuxious

    Ownership of Athena Minecraft PvP Client for Sale!

    ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Attention Minecraft enthusiasts and entrepreneurs! An incredible opportunity awaits you to own the entire Athena Minecraft PvP Client, including ownership rights, domain, source codes, and more. 🌐Premium Domain: 🛠️Complete Source Codes: Athena...
  6. nidzoo

    Buying Plugin SRC with Resell Rights

    Hi, I'm looking to buy plugin (src) with resell rights. I would prefer some bigger plugin but I don't have anything specific in mind, just leave info/link & price in reply and I'll contact those I'm interested in. Plugin doesn't need to already be selling so it could also be something you made...
  7. Dery

    [SELLING] Spleef source code

    Introduction Hi, BBB members, my name is Dery and I've been a Spigot developer for over 6 years. During that time, I've developed plugins for a wide range of niches, and have earned an excellent reputation within popular communities such as DevRoom, CandorServices, and SeniorsTeam. Today I come...
  8. yinkah

    ✔️🔥Yinkah's Plugin Development Service | Exclusive Developer | Affordable, Fast, Reliable

    GREETINGS! As of now, I will be offering my plugin development services. Upon working with me and my brand, all of the products provided by me will be custom coded. CUSTOMERS WILL RECEIVE THE FOLLOWING BENEFITS: Custom Coded Efficient Code Fast, Reliable Active Support When Available For...
  9. Angelillo

    MAStaff | StaffMode & Utils v3.1.1

    Useful links Documentation Discord Javadoc Maven Repo ATTENTION The plugin src is include it when you buy the plugin, ask for the github repo access on discord
  10. rusekh

    [SOURCE] CastleMod (Castle War) sourcecode for sell

    Hello, im selling a sourcecode of project that I coded last year its a "Castle War". In this you have a good wroted game system (you can edit for any minigames likes SkyWars, UHC, BedWars etc.) Price: 150-200$ (negotiable) If you have questions, dm me; mememxureuru#6680 or write here.
  11. N

    Custom Practice Core Needed; Looking for Developer/s

    Hi, I am currently looking for a custom coded practice core with source code to be sold exclusively to me/my server. If anyone is interested I am looking for these features: Ranked/Unranked queues with ELO system, all basic modes, plus a few other modes. Easy to configure queues, must be...
  12. P

    Custom Minecraft Client

    Hey I am a client developer and I am willing to make any of you a pvp or hacked client with your desired features, I will only charge you a reasonable price depending on what you want. If you would like to add me my discord is Pump#3583 . I can also help manage/develop minecraft servers/discord...
  13. M

    Buying HCF Core SRC.

    Hello everyone! I'm looking to buy an up-to-date HCF Core Source Code with most of the recent features that HCF Servers have been coming up with. Please either respond to this post with your discord tag or send me a message here on MCM with an offer and some screenshots of source code. Thank...
  14. br8

    Full Ownership of plugin xHCF - Source Code, Resale Rights

    Hello MCM, today I am selling the ownership to Static Services xHCF I've decided to sell it as I no longer have the time to run it and don't want to see the project die out just because I can't give it the attention it needs. It currently has around 25 purchases and has made over £250 ($314) in...
  15. RexVaga

    Discord Giveaway Bot v1.0

    This is a Discord bot for custom giveaways! For example: Once confirmed, the bot will create the giveaway: If no one enters: If someone does enter giveaway, the bot will choose a winner(s): The bot will also DM the winner(s) about their win: Users can also use commands to see their win...
  16. Foxxite

    Exclusive | 1.16 | Custom gamemode | CaveBlock, like skyblock but underground

    I'm selling this on a first come first serve bases. Asking price is at least $30 paypal. Will be sold to first person to match asking price or highest bidder. CaveBlock is a skyblock like gamemode created and coded by me. I'm selling it since I don't have time to work on it. CaveBlock...
  17. Swerhve

    2FA Minecraft Plugin v2020-05-20

    Hello! I'm a new developer on the Mc Market Forums and I've got a custom 2 Factor authentication plugin to share with you guys today. Essentially, what this plugin is is a way to make sure if someone ever accesses a staff member's account, they won't be able to change or accesses any server...
  18. SoFocused

    Selling my resources

    Hello there, I would like to sell my resources. Never should have made them in the first place as I don't have much time. Therefore, I'm selling them. If anyone is interested please hit me in my DMS. Looking to sell relatively fast, if no one purchases I will end up deleting them. Resource #1...
  19. FlowZz

    Roam Plugin ResellRights + SRC

    Hello, i'm selling the full ownership rights and resell rights (With source code) to my plugins. IF YOU 'RE NOT A DEVELOPER WHO CAN ACTUALLY UPDATE AND MAINTAIN THE PLUGINS DON'T EVEN CONTACT ME. Why? Beacause i don't have enough time to properly update them due to college. AUCTION END...
  20. yazon_pro

    Free anticheat checks to use (drip aimassit check)

    Hey MCM today i am releasing few of my Aim checks people are free to use them and edit them as long as they state my name somewhere they can sell and make profit of them for more checks Or more informations dm me on discord Drip AimAssist check...
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