spawn 1.19

  1. FeatherBuild

    Purple Spawn v1.0

    FILES Schematic World 1.19+ (with 1.19+ blocks) Files for 1.19+ INFORMATION Size: 100x100 Npcs: 5x
  2. FeatherBuild

    Forest Small Lobby/Spawn 100x100 v1.0

    FILES Schematic World 1.19+ (with 1.19+ blocks) Files for 1.19+ INFORMATION Size: 100x100 Npcs: 5x Chests: 1x Addons Npcs (Daily Reward, autologin): 2x
  3. BuiltBySenex

    Antique Spawn | FREE | 230x220 v1.0

    About Spawn A great spawn that will fit on any Minecraft server. Spawn can be used on 1.18 up to the latest 1.20 version. General Information » Size of the spawn is 230x220 » The map is supported for all versions from 1.18 » Schematic, litematic & world files included in .zip Important Use the...
  4. CrixPrimero_

    Gens Tycoon - Spawn 400x400 0

    Gens Tycoon - Spawn 400x400 Characteristics: Mining Zone Crates Zone 6 Islands of crops (wheat, carrot, potato, melon, pumpkin, beetroot) NPC's 10 File .schem Version 1.16.+ Remember: Use the command /gamerule randomTickSpeed 0 before pasted the .schem Are you looking for a...
  5. Frost_Beer

    Vatican City Recreation - Free Download v1.0

    Hello again! I welcome you to St Peter's Basilica, This almost fantasy like building is located in Vatican City a micro-nation situated in the heart of Rome! If you like these types of builds feel free to leave a small donation or kind message. Kind regards Frost_Beer
  6. OperaliX_Builds

    Fantasy Medieval Spawn - 400x400 v1.0

    Fantasy Medieval Spawn/Lobby/Hub Version: 1.16+ Size: 400x400 A fantasy-style map with the interior of the castle and houses it is pleasant to walk. Contains: 1. NPC's 1-8 2. Crates 1-6 3. Mine 4. Enchant house 5. Shop house 7. Farm house 6. Pub house 7. PvP area After the purchase, you will...
  7. OperaliX_Builds

    Fantasy Spawn - 400x400 v1.0

    Fantasy Spawn/Lobby/Hub Version: 1.16+ Size: 400x400 A fantasy-style map on which it is pleasant to walk. (there is a .schem/.zip with heads and without heads decoration). Contains: 1. NPC's 1-7 2. Crates 1-2 3. AutoMine area 4. Enchant area 5. Shop area 6. King of the hill area (KOTH) 7. PvP...
  8. LocalBuilds

    Spawn - Oriental Theme - 800x1000 v1.0

    Map information: File map: .schem theme: oriental npc area: Yes Map Type: Hub Version: 1.19.4+ IMPORTANT : Before loading the schematic: /gamerule randomTickSpeed 0 because the leaves from trees can fall down
  9. OperaliX_Builds

    Medieval Spawn | 400x400 v1.0

    Medieval Spawn for 1.16+ Version Have heads used for decor Spawn contains: Spawnpoint with the main Portal NPC's 1-10 Crates 1-2 Shop 1-8 markets Enchanting zone Mobkill zone 200x200 around castle area with KOTH (castle - 200x200) Operalix_Builds
  10. DragonW

    Casual-Medieval spawn v1.19.2 - 1.20.1

    Small spawn that has place for holograms parkour and a remote small island for crates or anything you want
  11. himako97

    Modern spawn - Lobby 600x600 v1.0

    BUILD DETAILS: ∎ Modern Map with Sci-fi touches. ∎ Size: 600x600 ∎ Version: 1.16 - 1.20+ ∎ Spawnpoint ∎ 18 NPCS ∎ Crates Zone ∎ Shop Zone ∎ Pvp Zone ∎ Jail Zone ∎ Tops Zone ∎ Social networks zone ∎ Airplane located in full view of everyone. ∎ Small mini-planet earth NPCS ZONES CRATES ZONE...
  12. Luxion Studio

    Mushroom Island | 256x256 v1.0

    ___________________________________________________________ Most suitable for: Spawn Features 1.16 version and newer Size: 256x256 Spawn point Lots of places to explore After purchase, you get: Zipped file which contains Mushroom Island world folder and a schematic (.schem) file. Fast...
  13. Vextrosity

    Lifted Peaks | 200x230 | SkyBlock Spawn v1.0

    Includes • 3 Crates • Portal • 4 NPC Pedestals • Enchanting Area • Fishing Pond Supported Versions • 1.19 & Higher ZIP Contents • Java World, .mcworld & .schem Support Create a support ticket on our discord if you have any issues or questions. This build is included in the Alpha bundle. Get Bundle
  14. DragonW

    Simple Mountain Spawn v1.19.2 - 1.20.1

    Its my first build and its simple, i would like and appreciate any suggestions from anyone
  15. Gama Build

    ❗ Exclusive | 150x150 Atlantis Spawn 🌊🏰

    Atlantis Exclusive Atlantis is a 1.19+ cozy map with all the features required for a spawn in a small area, and is easily expandable by removing the portal and opening the entrance to the interior. (A fully beautifully detailed interior which is optional). You'll also have your server's name...
  16. Gama Build

    ❗Exclusive | 300x300 Aquatic Spawn🌊

    Aegae City, an underwater city Exclusive Aegae is a 1.19+ unique themed spawn with all the features required for a server and was built with passion as an exclusive map. We offer any improvements to the map as product service! 300x300 map Various aquatic organics and a Poseidon statue Crates...
  17. d4niz

    Survival Spawn v1.0 |
  18. Blockking

    Free Survival Spawn v1.0

    ABOUT PRODUCT 》It's free 》Versions 1.16.4 - 1.20/+ 》Can be used as a survival / factions spawn 》Caves for mining stone and wood 》Cave with PvP Arena 》Church and second building 》Shop on the 2nd floor of the palace DOWNLOAD 》1.16/+ world file 》1.16/+ .schem file CONTACT Discord: Regus_#6171...
  19. Zalbus

    🌎 200x200 | Space Hub | Hub/Spawn 🌎

    One of the best space theme hubs and spawns there is. This resource is multi-purpose and can be used as a hub, spawn, or anything. BUY NOW - View our 3D Model on the resource page. Price - $3.99 USD...
  20. RedFoxy

    Easter Location egg hunt v1.19

    I present to you an Easter location for finding eggs, which is suitable for spawn, hub or for holding an event!
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