1. Lilshroom

    Minecraft Staff Chat Skript v1.0

    FEATURES: Permission specific! Creates a private chat channel just for you and desired members!

    StaffProPlus - Good choice for your team v2.1.1

  3. CayeOficial

    ConfluxBungee | MultiProxy Core v1.1

  4. Hypera

    UltraStaffChat BungeeCord v5.2.1

    If you create a video showcasing UltraStaffChat, please contact us to have it included here! The default permissions are in the config, you can also view the default permissions here. UltraStaffChat is licensed under the GNU General Public License. Check the LICENSE file for more information.
  5. RyanMood

    PrivateChats v0.4

    Other Features Events triggered on a backend server (such as Spigot/Paper), will now be sent to chats on your front-end server (such as BungeeCord/Waterfall). Custom PlaceholderAPI placeholders which can be found here. Custom API for other plugins to hook into PrivateChats which can be found...
  6. ImAxiid

    OxySC | Private chat with just the staff v1.0

    WHAT IS OXYSTAFFCHAT? OxyStaffChat is a plugin that allows you to talk through the server chat with the staff of without the players seeing what you write, can be useful for private communications or simply to message speeches that a server player can not see. HOW CAN I USE IT? To use the...
  7. Angelillo

    MAStaff | StaffMode & Utils v3.1.1

    Useful links Documentation Discord Javadoc Maven Repo ATTENTION The plugin src is include it when you buy the plugin, ask for the github repo access on discord
  8. Paceski

    [1.7-1.17] Staff Chat v0.1

    Staff Chat is a simple plugin that gives your staff opportunity to type with eachother. Features Everything is configurable & customizable. Send messages without typing command. (/sctoggle) Toggling off staff chat. (/scdisable) Reloading config. (/screload) AdminChat &...
  9. evasive

    StaffChat [1.15 - 1.16] | Compatible with LuckPerms v1.3

    Description A simple staff chat plugin that allows staff members to use the command /sc to communicate in-game. Addons By using LuckPerms and PlaceholderAPI the players will also have their prefix in the staff chat. They are not needed for the plugin to work on its own. Commands /sc - toggles...
  10. NotBadSyntax

    StaffChat+ [Discord & Bungee with Redis support!][40% OFF] v2.2.6

    Test server IP: | Discord: If you will run the plugin for the first time, it will download all libs... Simply reload the plugin and you are ready to go! OR DO NOT USE THE REVIEW SECTION FOR...
  11. Yochran

    yoStaffUtils v1.1

    yoStaffUtils v1.1 By Yochran Description: yoStaffUtils is a super useful staff utility plugin that contains all of the good features your staff members would need. This is 1/6 plugins in a series of server cores I made for a server I was previously developer on. Now 100% recoded in Java, here...
  12. BarraR3port

    Staff-Core v4.4.6

    This Sƚαϝϝ-Cσɾҽ plugin, gives you everything your staff needs to moderate. Vanish: This feature will fully vanish the Staff Members from the normal players. Preventing the vanish players to do any interaction with the world and the players. Ways to use it: - Using the command /v - Using...
  13. Undeletable

    LOBBY & BUNGEECORD SETUP | Flame v6.1.1

    LOBBY & BUNGEE SETUP WITH AUTO LOGIN SYSTEM AND 40+ OTHER FEATURES • ⚙️ About Setup This bundle includes a Lobby (Hub) and BungeeCord Setup. Comes with a variety of popular features such as: queue, auto login, anti-bot protection, cosmetics, global ranks, and many more. Additionally, the...
  14. AustinFRG

    ConvoManager v1.1.2

    Features: Anti-swear System Anti-spam System Mute Chat System Staff Chat System Clear-chat Command Color Code Chat Commands: /clearchat - Clears the chat. /convomanager help - Tells you the commands this Skript has. /mutechat - Mutes the chat so that only people with the bypass permission...
  15. Negative

    StaffChatPlus v1.0

    StaffChatPlus is a configurable staff chat plugin cool features! Commands /staffchat [(message)] /hush - Basically a staff chat visibility command /staffchatplusreload - Reload the config
  16. Wejt

    StaffChat [BungeeCord, RedisBungee & Spigot 1.7 - 1.18.x] v2.1

    -= Chat Privately With Your Staff =- This plugin creates a new way to communicate with your staff. Installation: [BungeeCord] · Buy the plugin · Download the plugin · Put the downloaded .jar file into your plugins folder · Restart your server. · Enjoy. [Spigot] · Buy the...
  17. LIWKI

    [PREMIUM]BungeeStaffChat | Simple | Effective v1.0.2

  18. xph11

    PowerfulStaffChat v1.0

    THIS RESOURCE IS NO LONGER MAINTANED AND IS NOW ABANDONED. PowerfulStaffChat is a plugin that aims towards helping your staff members communicate more easily and efficiently while ingame. With this plugin, you can have cross-server staff chat, so if one staff member is in Survival, and...
  19. LazoPlays

    Proxy Basics (ANNOUNCES, DONOR CHAT & MORE!) Bungeecord Base v2.0

    ❖ Proxy basics is a bungeecord plugin that will add fabulous features to your proxy server! PROOF OF OWNERSHIP
  20. tinylittleboi

    Delete This

    Staff Chat (With SRC) 5$ Message Me On Discord! Discord: ZeroAndMidget#4695
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