star wars server

  1. mcfazio2001

    SELLING RPG STARWARS Server! (StarCraftMC) Custom plugins, 3D resource pack models, website

    Hello, I’m mcfazio2001 the Owner & Founder of StarCraftMC. After a lot of thought and consideration I have decided sell my Minecraft Star Wars server. I am looking for someone that has server owning experience. My goal is to sell server by March 2017 or I completely shut it down (It's still for...
  2. mcfazio2001

    Builder Application

    Im looking for builders that are willing to help out with a star wars server. Were going to be making it around star wars and were building star wars maps. We have already started some of the maps but we don't have enough builders. We have a 3D texture pack and we have flyable ships and...
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