1. Aeon

    LeaderboardMenus | v1.4.0

    || OVERVIEW This plugin hooks into ajLeaderboards and presents you the leaderboard players in a visually stunning menu || FEATURES ajLeaderboards hook Visually stunning out-of-the-box experience Automatic leaderboard name beautifier Incredibly easy configuration MiniMessage support...
  2. William27528

    HuskSync | Cross-Server Data Syncing v3.4

    GitHub — Setup — Docs — Discord HuskSync is a modern, cross-server player data synchronisation system that enables the comprehensive synchronisation of your user's data across multiple proxied servers. It does this by making use of Redis and MySQL to optimally cache data while players change...
  3. karlito1501

    Profile and statistics Menu - DeluxeMenu v1.0

    Profile and Statistics Menu is config for Deluxemenu plugin and PlaceholderAPI, works with all versions starting from 1.16 to the latest version. FEATURES ✓ Custom Menu ✓ Small Cap Font ✓ Gradient Color ✓ SoundPlay Buttons ✓ EASY SETUP Some Pics All what you need is just DeluxeMenu and...
  4. Ultimate Setups

    Profile Menu | Deluxe Menus Config v1.0

    The Profile Menu displays basic information about the player, such as their kills, deaths, hearts, money, votes, coins and their playtime stats. Need more information about config, you found a bug or have any questions? Feel free to contact me. (For the fastest answer, contact me on...
  5. LuukW

    Zyno Bot Stats | Zyno Bot addon v1.0.5

    What is Zyno Bot Stats? Zyno Bot Stats is an easy to install addon for Zyno Bot, which allows you to create stats-channels and live status messages. You can create a stats-channel and live messages by executing one simple command. The stat-channels and live messages get automatically updated to...
  6. Lucas Durand

    CommunityAnalytics Stats Statistics Kpis v1.0.7.14

  7. Partydragen

    MCStatistics v1.2.3

    Website: Discord: Requirements: Server version 1.8 to 1.20, other versions are not tested Registered on MCStatistics website and registered a server Track Player Activity MCStatistics is the ultimate server staff tool to monitor how...
  8. Glare

    MCBanners - Generate Custom Banners!

    What is it? MCBanners is a project geared toward Minecraft Server Owners, Plugin Developers, and Forum Members, but we hope to reach out to more of the community soon! Developers, have you ever been browsing around on the forums and run across users with cool forum signatures that show off...
  9. KeystoneBuilds

    Lobby Brown Castle - 500x500 v1.0

    Information: > The map is supported for versions 1.8 - 1.18+ > Can be used as Lobby or Spawn for Survival > On the map is place for 8 NPC's (can be managed by you) > Place for Crates (can be managed by you) > Place for Statistics > Place for info boards > Beautiful giant castle > Village with...
  10. Partydragen

    MCStatistics | Monitor your players and server performance

    MCStatistics Here on MCStatistics you can post your servers and install our plugin to send data to MCStatistics with will collect server and player data with will be used to show alot of useful statistics and information on your dashboard and you can also use our discord bot to get nice player...
  11. JustDoom

    Server Statistics GUI v1.0.0

    Minecraft Server Statistics GUI A 1.8-1.12 config version will be released soon Statistics Included: - Server version, software and world seed - Online/Max Players - Unique Player Joins - Server Uptime - Server RAM Usage - Server TPS - Server Chunks A simple GUI made for you to enjoy...
  12. ReflexShow

    ⭐ HeadsBounty ⭐ Sell Heads, Custom Head Drops, Shop, GUI, Statistics, Customize! [1.13.x-1.16.x]

  13. Sagacious

    PVPPremium v1.5.11

  14. Loving11ish

    Ultimate Stats vPhase 136

    Ultimate Statistics Collect & Showcase Statistics To Your Players Consistently Developed Since 2018 Commands & Permissions / Configuration / Developer API / Terms of Use Love UltimateStats? Show your support by leaving a review.
  15. Sagacious

    SimplexStatistics v2.4.1

    Holographic Displays is now a dependency! This plugin is a free version, please consider buying PVPPremium, why choose PVPPremium? PVPStatistics will only get bug fix updates and will not recieve any new features, PVPPremium will. At the moment PVPPremium has a bounty system and will count...
  16. MrDienns

    ServerStatistics - Advanced statistics a beautiful external panel

    ServerStatistics is a powerful plugin that generates advanced statistics about your server or network. Unlike any other statistics plugin, this plugin focusses on the server/network itself rather than the players on it. Where this plugin shines however is the fact that everything is sent to an...
  17. robinp7720

    BlueStats v3

    BlueStats is a powerful frontend for many MySQL based bukkit/spigot plugins. BlueStats is a full CMS designed to give players an overview of their actions on the server. BlueStats comes with mulitple plugins including plugins for Statz, LolmewnStats and McMMO. Purchasing of BlueStats is not...
  18. Pat

    Statistics plugin

    I have created a simple statistics plugin. Currently it only displays the amount of ores mined by a specified player. This plugin works using Minecraft statistics instead of creating any player files, therefore it is very lightweight. I need new ideas for other statistics to put in the plugin...
  19. jacobsscoots

    Post your portfolio!

    Hey MCM Users, Today I'm giving the chance for people to advertise their portfolio below, Im sure this thread will get a lot of views because people will want to post their portfolios. Comment yours below and track its stats as the website click counts go up :D Have fun, Jacob.
  20. PCPSells


    »»» This plugin is very helpful for statistical people and just »»» generally keeping track of all the players/staff you have online. »»» Want to know more? Click the Spoiler. Want to purchase this? Skype » demhaters1 Prices »
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