1. Horus Night

    Web Minecraft v0.0.1

    A simple web page with HTML, CSS AND JS that seeks to give status of users, ranks, servers and extra areas such as policies, terms and conditions. Includes some more features: 1. Animations 2. Simple Sections 3. Support
  2. polarline

    Minecraft Server Status WordPress Plugin v1.0

    Keep your WordPress website up-to-date with live Minecraft server info. Elevate your Minecraft server community with our Minecraft Server Status WordPress Plugin. Keep your players informed and engaged like never before. Here's why it's a must-have: Why Choose Our Plugin: Player Engagement...
  3. ByCoquito1

    FiveM Discord Bot v1.0.1

    Features Fivem Status Automatically updated (Closed & Open & Maintenance) Ticket System • Buttons Panel • One-Button Panel • Send transcript to user • Ticket Logs • Transcripts & Claim & Reopen • Ticket Review • Bug system • Panel bug • Message to report bug • Suggestion System • Command...
  4. DanPlayz

    Advanced Status Roles v1.2.0

    Features Exact Lookup (status must exactly match) CaSe Sensitivity (capitalization) Multiple status roles at once Demo Video Installation and Setup 1. Make sure you have Node.js and npm (Node Package Manager) installed on your system. You can download the latest version of Node.js from the...
  5. DexterTheDev

    [$2.99] Discord Status Checker Bot

    Status Checker Discord bot Helps you get users & make them active, Logs statuses and how long they set it for Day streaks you can motivate them by streak! Custom commands (Reset, filter, status) Very fast response & Database logging Slash Handlers & Events Handler Demo Buy Now > Resource Link
  6. OADevelopments


  7. D3V1L0M3N

    MCStatusBot | Minecraft server status on Discord v1.0.2

    MCStatusBot A Discord Guild Bot for displaying live status updates for your Minecraft Server. Features Live Status: Display the status of your Minecraft Server on Discord in real time. Allow members to see who is currently playing directly from your Discord guild without even opening...
  8. Noesus

    Need help

    Hey, I was wondering how can I change this status?
  9. Alex

    Discord Auto-Playing Message v1.0

    Disclaimers: - You will not be able to see this changing message under your playing status on your end. However, others will be able to view it on their end. (You can see that it works by logging into another discord account and looking at your status). -- How to use our program as a discord...
  10. Chad Griffith is a website that Has been around for quite a few years and was almost abandoned until we decided to advertise here on Mc-Market. The site is fully functional and you can even control rcon based servers (source or other games) with this system. You can also have users vote...
  11. Incrementing

    Mojang/Minecraft Services

    So I'm working on a Mojang/Minecraft service status checker for my website and I basically want to know what all the domains from here do. -> Minecraft website -> Minecraft sessions? ->Mojang accounts? -> Mojang website...
  12. KingEdwardx

    MineCraft Server Status [PHP]

    Hey! Do u need free minecraft server status for website? Here: <?php $ip = ''; // IP $port = 25621; // PORT $checkSock = @fsockopen($ip, $port, $empty, $empty, 1); //Dont edit this! if($checkSock !== FALSE) { echo 'Online'; }else{ echo 'Offline'; } ?>
  13. Luz1fer


    Hello, I am selling the domain as we feel it is no longer needed for our website. Proof of ownership is it directs to this thread. It did have some traffic as it use to be my main domain for my server list. It also expired 6/14/2016 but you can still transfer it...
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