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  1. OxyGam

    Lobby - Ruby ArchIsland - |120x120| 1.2

    Informations : ➔ Size : 120x120 ➔ MC version : 1.8+ ➔ Spawn Area ➔ 7x NPCs ➔ 2x Crates ➔ 4x Portals ➔ 2x Market stalls ➔ Stone Structures ➔ Free place... ➔Download folder contain : Schematic: ㅤWorld:ㅤ ➔ 1.8+ ➔ 1.8+ ➔ 1.12+ ➔ 1.12+ ➔ 1.16+ ➔ 1.16+ ➔ 1.18+ (Before loading the...
  2. CobaltByte

    Makeshift Stone Tools Pack 1.0

    Whats included? > 5 custom makeshift design of stone tools/weapons > Ready to use resource pack as a .zip, just drag and drop! > .bbmodel files of the models > .json files of the models for self resource customization > .png textures of the models also for self customization > an .txt to further...
  3. MelleJunior

    Oak Stone Spawn - 100x100 1.12+

    A nice looking spawn for your server. The spawnpoint is surrounded by castle walls.
  4. Polygon

    The Stone Keep Hub | 1.8+ 2021-05-01

    The Stone Keep Hub | 1.8+ "A sturdy structure perfect for any environment." Contains: • 275x275 Hub Description: • Build is NON-EXCLUSIVE. Resell rights are NOT included. • Schematic is copied from the SPAWNPOINT. • File is compressed as a .zip. • Built using 1.8 blocks. • A versatile spawn...
  5. Polygon

    The Stone Keep Hub | 1.8+

    The Stone Keep Hub | 1.8+ "A sturdy structure perfect for any environment." Contains: • 275x275 Hub Description: •Build is NON-EXCLUSIVE. Resell rights are NOT included. •Schematic is copied from the SPAWNPOINT. •File is compressed as a .zip. •Built using 1.8 blocks. •A versatile spawn...
  6. LynxX

    BuyCraft | Tabex Ore Icons [3] v1

    ╭───────────╮ BuyCraft | Tabex Icon Pack ╰───────────╯ ╌────═❁═────╌
  7. Rhos

    Vector Block Icons 2 2020-04-17

    Icons for use anywhere and everywhere! Buycraft, server icons, merch, it's all good - these are free to use in any way you want. Upon downloading you'll receive .png files of all of the above, as well as a version of each scaled-up to 4x. I've also included the Illustrator file so you can...
  8. Ivain

    Desolate Wasteland Warzone || 800x800 || Only €35!

    800x800 unmerged warzone with buffer area expanding to 1000x1000. Clear area in the center for a spawn + spawn platform. SB: €35 Increment: €5 BIN: €60 BIN comes with resell rights. Should you obtain it by bid, resell rights can be negotiated for an extra fee.
  9. Aelin

    14 Hand-drawn Block Buycraft Icons 2.0

    14 hand drawn block-themed server icons, including 2 chests. Drawn in a similar style as some of my other resources, these graphics match one another and will appear coherent and elegant in any Buycraft store. What you’ll get after purchasing: 1 .ZIP file containing 14 .png’s of the 14 icons...
  10. Rowlinq

    » Skywars Map | HQ | Exclusive

    Hello everyone! Today I am selling this exclusive skywars map. » BIN: 10$ (or Premium gift) » Map Info: Spawn islands with 3 chests - 5 iron ores - 2 diamond ores - 5 coal ores Side islands with 1 chest Center island with 4 chests and 8 diamond ores This map is designed for fast paced games...
  11. BioticBuildsYT

    Selling a small hub/waiting room.

    I have built a small little build and thought it would be a good waiting room for minigames or something along those lines. I would only charge about $7.50 because it is a smallish but well built (in my opinion xP) build. If you have any questions or you want to come onto the server i built it...
  12. T

    Small Hub With 2 Portals 1.0

    A stone-based hub, with mountains surrounding the perimeter. Contains 2 portals and a nice walkway. T his is my first free upload, please give me feedback on what to do next, or on what to improve! Thanks!
  13. RRBuilds

    Bridge - Large with Inside Railway. Contact me - Your Choice on Price.
  14. Aklali

    39x39x36 Factions Mine, High Quality!

    Hello once again! Today, I will start selling this Prison mine i finished just today. It is quite spacious, with walkways beeing 5 blocks wide everywhere. The Cube that can be filled with Ores is 39x39, and 36 Blocks deep. The build mainly consists of Stone Slab Blocks, Birch Slabs, Iron...
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