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survival server setup

  1. MineAlex


    Purchase here ------> BUY Dependencies: Citizens (free) Resource pack: ❌ The setup is available in English and Spanish ➾ Survival world (soon custom) ➾ Extensive menu ➾ Important commands blocked (/pl, /plugins, /ver, /icanhasbukkit, etc) ➾ Skills ➾ Bank ➾ Withdraw & xpbottle ➾ Pokeballs ➾...
  2. ArrowTan

    EPIC SURVIVAL SETUP with amazing feature v5 1.19.2 Update

    I'm going inactive for a while from June 4th 2022. You can't receive support due to my inactivity. Make your own decision on buying this. Everything has been overlooked. if you do find any hidden issue it can easily be fixed! Resource can be easily maintained! Hello Everyone! This is a brand...
  3. ArrowTan

    EPIC SURVIVAL SETUP | Native 1.18.2 ✨ Player Region Shop, Resource World, Menus, Ranks and more! ✨

    CLICK TO VISIT RESOURCE -> Hello Everyone! This is a brand new Survival Setup with a lot of Features consisting 50+ Plugins! This Survival Setup isn't just some regular Setup, it includes Features like Tags, Crates, Menus, Economy Features, Shops and...
  4. MemeMachines

    ★ Survival Server | Builds | Crates | 6+ Ranks ★

    Greetings MCM, Today I am offering this small survival server, which I had running for about 10 days, I no longer have need for this server, so I am selling it. Hopefully the buyer gives it the care and attention it deserves and create a new future for it. Starting Bid: 7$ Bid Increments: 1$...
  5. wavy

    Purhcasing Simple Premade Survival Server

    Pm Me! mitchfinn#0329
  6. Jabob56

    Minerverse - SMP - Custom Everything

    Minerverse is a great server which is here to bring lots of fun and joy to all you players out there. Minerverse is a Survival based server which does include a pvp arena, monthly events and mob arena just for some extra fun. The pvp arena has a special plugin coded so you can play 100%...
  7. Lampbork

    Selling Survival Server Files

    I am selling a simple survival server setup. I am not selling an actual server, just its files. It has about 24 plugins that I have picked out. You just need to upload the folder into your server and restart it and your server should be set to go! The plugins I picked out provide tools that help...
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