teamspeak 3 servers

  1. V

    VDT Discord & TeamSpeak 3 Server Setups and Configurations

    Currently Offering Vouch Copy's for Basic Setup + TS3 Setup Products Basic Discord Setup ($4.99) - we will fully set up all your Voice & Text channels w/ permissions to your liking, We also willfully set up a Moderation, Fun & Music Bot at your request and provide support for 5 months after...
  2. Real Feryzz - High quality services for videogamers

    ABOUT US History Established in 2012 as a virtual community, our company is specialized in online gaming services. Our background allows us to provide tailor-made solutions in a wide range of fields, including server hosting and website creation. Experience WorldonGames is proud to have been...
  3. D

    Teamspeak/Skype/LoL etc. connected with as exmaple Minecraft Bot

    Hey, I am not that good in writing threads...because of this am i going to get fast on the point. I offer you guys plugin development for any kind of bots. As example a verification bot for Teamspeak via Minecraft or a command Bot for Skype. Only your imagination could limit the posibilitys...
  4. T

    TS3 Configuration | +1 month hosting (limited deal) | Cheap

    Professional looking TS3 configurations Plans Basic (small communities 2-5 people) 2.50$ Basic Server Basic permissions 5-10 Minutes Medium (normal communities 5-10 people) 5$ Medium server +1 month free hosting (no ads) Normal permissions 10-15 minutes Hard (10+ people) 7.50$+ Complex...
  5. T

    TS3+ Host | Cheap | 25% starting sales | Year Long plans

    TS3+ Host Yearly plans 1 Year 45$ 2 Months Premium support 100% access (console etc...) Domain usable (custom domain) No ads No starting fee 2 Years 86$ 6 Months Premium support 100% access (console etc...) Domain usable (custom domain) No ads RANK CREATION!!!!!+ No fee(free setup of ranks...
  6. RealCPSMod

    TeamSpeak Setups with Perms, channels and more

    Hey guys I am offering to setup or remodel anyone's teamspeak. I will add the correct permissions and add ranks to your server so you won't have to do a thing :) Price: 2$ (takes time) If you are interested in me remodeling or setting up your own teamspeak PM or comment with your teamspeak IP...
  7. HosterDaddy

    [20% OFF] | Antiddos | Windows Server 2008/2012 VPS | KVM | RDP Access | $9.99

    OFFER* : GET 20% OFF ON ALL VPS PLANS | USE COUPON CODE : HELLO50 >> Buy Now Terms* : Any Server purchased should must follow Terms of Service. >> Terms of Service Contact Payment Methods PayPal BitCoin Perfect Money Skrill / MoneyBookers CreditCard / DebitCard (2CC Checkout)
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