1. ShadowCorp

    Player Info + Killzone V2 | Twelve Spade v1.0

    Easy and Simple Hover Player Info + Killzone System V2 Hovering over a player will display their info on groups, their username, Logos, and more. Discord Server: Click Me Easy To Configure Easy To Setup Simple To Modify Displays Player's Username Displays Player Group Name/Role Displays...
  2. ShadowCorp

    Military Overhead UI V1 | Twelve Spade v1.0

    Simple Military Overhead UI Features: Easy To Configure Simple To Modify Group Setup/Non-Group Options Icon Display User Rank and Name Hider Feature Auto Updates
  3. ShadowCorp

    Basic File Writer System | Twelve Spade v1.0

    Basic File Writer System A basic file writer to store and retrieve data Easy To Modify Simple To Configure Uses Datastore2 Saves data Search and view data
  4. ShadowCorp

    Simple Main Menu | Dollar Tech v1.0

    Customizable game title credits, and changelog
  5. Sonagod

    Space Fighter Tech v1.0

    Space fighter tech that use a health based kill system. When vehicle is almost dead smoke and fire appear and an alarm stars. Although this tech has been leaked in the past I am the original owner and creator of this system.
  6. ShadowCorp

    Advanced SCP Door System | Dollar Tech v1.0

    Door system has: Hack tool NPC / SCP can interact with it and break doors Breach Able / Break able Gamepass door & keycard / team doors & keycard / Able to add custom keycards and configure Configure friendly Keycard | 💳 Hack keycard (With model) Can configure keycards (Hack door...
  7. ShadowCorp

    Overhead UI | Dollar Tech v1.0

    - Scripted - Customizable - Displays group rank - Displays username
  8. ShadowCorp

    Military Overhead | Volt Incorporated v2

    Fully Scripted Customizable Clean and Qualitative Overhead GUI Supporting Regiments Supporting Ranks
  9. ShadowCorp

    Military Overhead V2 | Volt Incorporated v1.0

    Fully Scripted Customizable Clean and Qualitative Overhead GUI Supporting Regiments Supporting Ranks Supporting VIP
  10. ShadowCorp

    Military Overhead | Flipped Tech v1.0

    Features: Shows the role of the player in a specific group or the name of a team 🖼️ Ability To Make Different Colors For Different Factions/Teams 🎨 3 different themes that completely change the look of your nametag! (Basic, Sci-Fi, and Old.) Highly Customizable 🖌️ Bug Tested 🐛
  11. ShadowCorp

    Mod Call System | Flipped Tech v1.0

    Features: Clear and Consistent UI 🖌️ Mod Call Cooldown 🕐 Discord Notification :discord: Join link for moderators :modhammer: Bug Tested 🐛
  12. ShadowCorp

    Overhead UI V2 | Twelve Spade v2

    Simple and easy Overhead UI V2 This gives a player an overhead display that would display their username and ranks. Easy To Configure Simple To Modify KOS Display AOS Display VIP Display Custom NameTag Display Username Display Current Rank Display
  13. ShadowCorp

    Apartment System | Twelve Spade v1.0

    Simple and Cheap Apartment System. This tech allows players to purchase their own apartment for a price, they are able to respawn at their apartment and when they leave the apartment is set to vacant. Easy To Setup and Configure Uses DataStore2 Respawn System
  14. ShadowCorp

    Job System | Twelve Spade v1.0

    Cheap and Simple Job System. Features three Jobs – Garbage Collector – Illegal Plant Collector – Box Carrier Uses DataStore2
  15. ShadowCorp

    Credit Drop System | Twelve Spade v1.0

    Cheap and Simple Credit Drop System Drops credits and anyone can pick it up! Uses DataStore2
  16. ShadowCorp

    Datastore Editor System | Twelve Spade v1.0

    Cheap and Simple Datastore Editor System – Easy to use – GUI Based System – Features the ability to edit both the regular Datastore and Datastore2 – Easy to configure with settings – Rank Restricted – Whitelisting Ability – Set value and Increment value functions
  17. ShadowCorp

    Custom Playerlist V1 | Twelve Spade v1.0

    Cheap and simple Custom PlayerList Simple To Setup Displays Teams Auto Updates Auto Insert Teams Easy To Modify Mobile Friendly Other Styles
  18. ShadowCorp

    Custom Playerlist V2 | Twelve Spade v2

    Cheap and Simple Custom Playerlist V2 Teams Function Mobile Friendly Auto Create Teams Easy to modify Easy to setup Mobile Friendly Other Styles
  19. ShadowCorp

    Inventory and Shop System | Twelve Spade v1.0

    Cheap and Simple Inventory System Stores tool items which you can buy from the item shop and saves on leave. Uses Datastore2 Smooth UI tweens Mobile Friendly Stores Tools Able To Take Items out Able To Put Items Into The Inventory Easy To Configure/Setup Tools To Shop Sound Effects For...
  20. ShadowCorp

    Weapon Shop System V1 | Twelve Spade v1.0

    Cheap and Simple Weapon Shop System V1 - Uses Datastore2 - Mobile Friendly - Easy To Configure - Doesn't Allow Duplicates To Be Purchased - Great For Star Wars Games - Great For Roleplays - After purchase item will be swiped after leaving the game