1. Lilshroom

    Minecraft Homes Skript v1.0

    FEATURES: Allow your players to access the ability to create and manage homes PERMISSIONS: homes.true - Allows players to use all Home commands! COMMANDS: /sethome [name] - Set your Home to your current location /delehome [name] - Deletes the Home specified /home [name] - Teleport home
  2. RichardContent

    RCWarps | Revolutionare your Server v1.0

    Discord: RCSkript / Plugins
  3. vaniisx

    Fancy TPA || DonutSMP TPA Skript v1.0

    Discord: Welcome to Fancy TPA, a groundbreaking Minecraft teleportation skript designed to redefine your virtual travel experience. Featuring a sophisticated interface, Fancy TPA streamlines the teleportation process, making it effortlessly easy to connect with...
  4. ShadowCorp

    Teleportation System v1.0

    Simple and Cheap Teleportation System This simple system allows assigned players to teleport to places that are pre-set. - Simple To Configure - Easy To modify - Very Customizable Instructions are in the ReplicatedStorage
  5. FurkqnTr

    BetterTeleport | Tpa | Warp | Spawn v1.4

    Contact Need more information about configuration, you found a bug or have any questions? Feel free to contact me. Discord: furkqn Hight quality Optimization Code is very optimized. Smooth Teleportation Effects: Fade-in effect during teleportation with seamless transition. Adjustable...
  6. Billy Rosty

    Cyber - Teleporters v1.0

    What is Cyber - Teleporters ? It is the combination of a unique plugin and 3D models allowing you to create stylish teleporters to easily add a WOW factor to your server. What does the resource contains ? 4 Unique 3D Models of Futuristic Teleporter (.bbmodel) 1 Unique Teleportation Plugin...
  7. Fulminazzo21

    TeleportEffects v3.0

    TeleportEffects is a Bukkit plugin that intercepts every teleport and re-schedules it while creating some particle effects on the start and destination points. Before continuing, this page is a presentation with minimal information of the plugin. If you want a more complete explanation, you...
  8. Shake_

    Teleport Menu v1.0

    Give your players the option to teleport between different dimensions at random. What does it involve? DeluxeMenus Setup, ItemsAdder, and a Full Resource Pack with RTP Menu How do you install it? 1. Install Itemsadder and DeluxeMenus and restart your server 2. Unzip rtp file that you...
  9. NitroSetups

    BetterRTP Configuration v1.1.1

    Looking for a unique RTP menu? This config for BetterRTP includes a beautiful graphics UI to make your server stand out. A very simple menu to handle your world teleportation. Read more about this resource below. Below are all the features included with this BetterRTP configuration: ✦...
  10. MineAlex

    TVoidTeleport v1.0

    TVoidTeleport Simple SetSpawn plugin Features Void teleports Multiple commands Commands /tvoidteleport reload /tvoidteleport /tvoidteleport version Permissions tvoidteleport.reload tvoidteleport.version Dependencies None
  11. MrDimiXD

    PlayerWarp v1.0

    PlayerWarp does exactly what it says on the tin. This plugin is perfect for minecraft survival servers, every player has it's own warp saved by their name. Simple /pwarp functionality Ability to teleport to other players homes Permissions support Customisable messages No delay teleport Remove...
  12. NekrosBurek

    KumaStaff | With Discord Webhooks v1.4-SNAPSHOT

    Placeholders %kumastaff_isInStaffmode% %kumastaff_isFrozen% %kumastaff_isVanished% %kumastaff_isInStaffChat%
  13. jackerugo

    LobbyBowPlus v1.1.1

    LobbyBow+ is a plugin which enables players to teleport around your network's hub/lobby by firing a bow. It simply teleports the player to the landing location of the fired arrow, in addition to this, the arrow is automatically removed upon teleporting to avoid arrow spam in your hub. This...
  14. Septogeddon

    FancyWaystones - Waystones and Waypoints v1.1.34

    FancyWaystones is a spigot plugin that allows your players to teleport fairly to another location. It uses economy (Vault/Level/Item) to teleport the player. The cost is calculated by distance. Teleport using economy Fairly enough to charge the player for the teleportation they had. Private...
  15. Pedro Pagani

    Bow Teleport - v2021-08-06

    With this plugin you're able to allow players to teleport to arrow locations when shooting. Features: Neat donor perk, while remaining EULA safe! UUID Friendly! Particles Version tested: 1.17 Open-source: Quick review by the author: Support only...
  16. Kihsomray

    CyberTravel Discover Regions Teleport Back Fast Travel 1.8 - 1.18 v1.0.5

    Discover regions scattered across your world to be able to quickly travel back to that spot with a command. Commands can contain cooldowns between uses and/or countdowns before teleportation. This plugin does not depend on any other plugin. However, if you would like to have an economy, you...
  17. Great_Array

    Optimized Teleport All (TPE) 1.8 - 1.17 v1.1

    TPE is a optimized teleport all plugin that aims to help larger servers perform large scale teleports of all their players without any lag or crashes. You can change how many players you want to teleport at a time and in what duration, everything about the plugin is customizable! This plugin is...
  18. ReflexShow

    Taxi - Take rides around the world!

  19. ReflexShow

    Taxi v2.3

    Taxi Plugin, An alternative warps system as Taxi with fully customize GUI, messages and sounds, provides your players a modern way to warp across the map! TEST SERVER ( [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER]
  20. Minesuchtiiii

    UltimateTeleport v1.1.17

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