1. kaziskingdom

    New Jedi Temple Kalee v1.0

    The Shrupak temple on Kalee. Kalee was covered in tropical-looking foliage and beaches. Moss-covered canyons and cliffs filled the landscapes.
  2. NitroSetups

    MenuTemplatePack - Ancient v1.0.0

    Looking to spice up your menus with custom menus? You have come to the right place. With the Menu Template Pack you will get the perfect package of menu graphics, buttons, frames and slots to build the perfect menus for your server. The Menu Template pack is available in multiple themes, view...
  3. raiyan9

    Jedi Temple, Star Wars Map v1.0

    A majestic Jedi Temple situated in Endor. With stunning beauty, the temple will leave you in awe. Medium-Sized Map (3432 x 1468 Studs Map) Custom Made Statues & 3D Assets Realistic Effects 1 Main Centre, 4 Sections & Outside Area Realistic Forest & Pathway
  4. Naruvus

    High-Poly Sith Temple v1.0

    The map features a medium sized exterior area with a raider spawn. Once you approach the temple you’re greeted with an impressive entrance from where you can go to one of many points of interest within the temple: Great hall, prison area, training area, armory, throne room, meeting room...
  5. Nikoloz

    Overgrown Jedi Temple v1

    Overgrown Jedi temple includes – a medium-sized outside area (a forest), which includes a small hostile area and is connected to the temple’s entrance via a small cave, a semi-small/medium interior which itself includes a combat room, classroom, small courtyard in the middle, a tiny spawn area...
  6. Nikoloz

    Sith Temple on Dromund Kaas v1

    Sith temple on Dromund kaas includes a semi-large outside area- forest, waterfalls, small rivers, ancient structures, etc. As well as a medium sized interior with- A middle room connecting everything together; Combat training/rally rooms; courtyards; DC Chambers; Throne Room; Library; Jail; Lore...
  7. Nikoloz

    Jedi Temple on Tython v1

    Jedi Temple on Tython includes a large/massive outside area with a forest, lake, waterfalls, structures, an area for a capture point/visitor spawn, hostile area/spawn place, beautiful landscapes and a large temple. Temple’s interior includes a mossy entrance hallway which leads to a middle room...
  8. Nikoloz

    Jedi Temple on Ilum v1

    Jedi Temple on Ilum includes a small-medium sized outside area and a beautiful temple with holocron vaults/meditation chambers; combat training room; lecture room; library/archives; JC chambers; kaggath room/arena. Watch the walkthrough video for a tour around the map. Credits – Nikoverc; RSeekir
  9. Nikoloz

    Jedi Temple on Endor v1

    Jedi temple on Endor includes a medium sized outside area with a forest and a temple which has: two middle rooms (different from each other) connecting everything; Meditation Chamber/Spawn Room; Combat training room; TG Dojo; Library/Lore room. Watch the walkthrough video for a tour around the...
  10. DrakkenKing

    Copero v1

    Sith temple on planet Copero, contains a medium sized explorable outside area, a temple with a large room in the middle connecting everything else – the DC Chambers, Combat room (can also be used as a lecture room) and the library.
  11. DrakkenKing

    Naboo v1.0

    Jedi temple on Naboo includes a fairly large outside area (a forest), a river separating the forest and the Temple area, A small-medium size city and a Temple with a large STS area, a prison, a council/meeting room, and a middle/spawn room near the temple’s exit.
  12. TheJediOrder

    Jedi Temple on Ilum v1.0

    The Jedi Temple on Ilum
  13. TheJediOrder

    Jedi Temple Guard Morph v1.0

    The Jedi Temple Guard was an ancient, honorable heritage within the hallowed halls of the Jedi Temple that reported to head of security Cin Drallig. The Temple Guards were anonymous Jedi Knights who were selected from the Order.
  14. Improper Studios

    Vivec Temple v1.0

    This Vivec Temple contains four different structures which are all connected and ready to be imported into your map! Whether you make it terrain, part, etc the temple is easily insertable. Please join the support server for more information. https://discord.gg/zW5J4WhTxK
  15. TheJediOrder

    Jedi Temple on Coruscant v1.0

    Welcome to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, a sprawling masterpiece of architecture and wisdom. As you step through the grand entrance, you find yourself in a vast foyer adorned with symbols of the Jedi Order. To your right, the Archives beckon with towering shelves of holographic archives and...
  16. Bunana

    JungleTemple Bridge v1.0

    The bridge is 15 blocks on each side and the whole contained in the temples is 5x5x5 this map isnt very detailed as it's ment to be very practical!
  17. Fjnxcl

    Jedi Temple, Star Wars Map v1.0

    A majestic Jedi Temple situated in Endor. With stunning beauty, the temple will leave you in awe. High Quality Decent-sized map Multiple Locations Terrain Exact replica
  18. Teuchone

    Temple | 150 x 200 v1.0

    Size : 150 x 200 Style : Medieval - Fantasy Version : 1.16 - 1.20 Interiors : NO A magnificent temple with lots of passages. pretty roofs in gradient colors. Several locations for NPCs. Floors with an elaborate design. Can be used as a survival model and can also be used as a waiting hub...

    Temple Lobby Map v1.0

    » This map is constructed in a Ancient style. There are ruins of an ancient tribe on the map. The map is built under the lobby. « Map information: ৹ Size: MEDIUM ৹ Island: No ৹ Version: 1.19.4 ৹ NPC: Yes ৹ Parkour: No
  20. raiyan9

    Ancient Frozen Temple v1.0

    Why Choose Ancient Frozen Temple? Unearth a piece of antiquity frozen in time. Our Ancient Frozen Temple is not just a backdrop, but an interactive canvas meticulously designed for game developers looking to bring a chill of mystique and adventure into their Roblox worlds. Features High...
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