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terrain warzone

  1. D

    Help implementing a warzone schem into a world seamlessly

    I've been trying to paste in my 350x350 warzone schematic in a new world but its quite hard to make the area outside the warzone look natural if there are hills/mountains nearby (even after using WorldEdit). One of my other problems is finding a world without an ocean at x=0, y=0 which seems to...
  2. chaz2601

    LAUNCH SALE 40% OFF Lush Mountains | 1kx1k Custom Terrain SALE 1.0

    I recently made this terrain piece for a client, but they canceled last-minute. It is a beautiful realistic terrain piece of 1024 by 1024 blocks. There are nine different version trees, three small, three medium and three large. The water nicely flows from the mountains downwards into the larger...
  3. Lerfing

    Delete Please

    Old thread. Updated version here:
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