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  1. CobaltByte

    Makeshift Stone Tools Pack 1.0

    Whats included? > 5 custom makeshift design of stone tools/weapons > Ready to use resource pack as a .zip, just drag and drop! > .bbmodel files of the models > .json files of the models for self resource customization > .png textures of the models also for self customization > an .txt to further...
  2. thespaceman


  3. Efrain P

    Vanilla 3D Tools 1.0

    Vanilla 3D Tools | This texturepack recreates all the Minecraft tools in 3D models keeping the vanilla style Content information: 3D models of Wood tools 3D models of stone tools 3D models of Iron tools 3D models of Gold tools 3D models of Diamond tools 3D models of Netherite tools High...
  4. Watchers Of Fate

    3D Sword 1.0

    This 3D Model is on the diamond sword.
  5. Watchers Of Fate

    3D Battle Flail 1.1

    This 3D Model is on the diamond sword. In the .zip, there is the ressourcepack folder if you want to just use the model itself. If you want to use it in itemsadder, use the "ItemsAdder" folder.
  6. Watchers Of Fate

    3D Alien Blaster 1.1

    This 3D Model is on the diamond sword. In the .zip, there is the ressourcepack folder if you want to just use the model itself. If you want to use it in itemsadder, use the "ItemsAdder" folder.
  7. Watchers Of Fate

    3D Trident 1.1

    This 3D Model is on the trident. In the .zip, there is the ressourcepack folder if you want to just use the model itself. If you want to use it in itemsadder, use the "ItemsAdder" folder.
  8. milkgaming

    Data Pack / 3D Models

    Looking for datapack creator to create me custom GUI's, multiple models, and overall just bring our server to life. This is a well paid position, if you aren't a professional, don't dm me. DM Me: MilkGaming#2266
  9. LuisomarRTX

    Classic skyblock setup 🪓1.18.1🪓 1.5

    ☘️ Test server [1.18.1] Ip: The dedication of creating a skyblock setup, which is totally different from the existing ones, taking inspiration from ... mods, recognized servers and a long journey in the world of gaming. without falling into copy, this setup seeks to give you a new experience...
  10. Mazapan

    Survival Custom - Diferent Survival Mode 1.4.6

    A server configured in the survival custom mode adding some things that are not found in vanilla and that do not need any mod to enter only a texture pack, since it has biomes, caves, custom mobs, custom textures, 3d models and more things that they are inside the server. You can get more...
  11. X

    Looking for someone to edit a texture pack font

    Basically I saw this server I recently joined have a texture pack that made unicode symbols into 2d pictures. I was wondering if anyone knows how to do that or can do that for me. I'll give a example picture to show what I'm talking about. The version I want this to be used on is 1.16.5
  12. thebaum64

    My Most Ambitious Projects Yet: Dramatic Skys and Default HD

    Hey guys, I posted a little bit recently but I am starting my biggest projects to date, Ultimate Skys and Default HD. I am really happy to share it here with you guys as I know some of you are still in the MC scene outside of services. Overview Dramatic Skys: Dramatic Skys is an add on pack...
  13. CyclonePlays


    Hey there! My name is Cyclone and I am looking for a datapack creator whos interested in regular work. Pay will be negotiated, I am currently working with a few Youtubers and one of my clients needs a datapack creator. If you're interested, let me know. I'd love to work something out and get...
  14. MiniCraftStudio

    BlockSkin [Custom block] 2.0

    BlockSkin can create custom block with player head skin you can place player head with skin you choose Command: - /blockSkin change player head in your hand to custom block Permission: - BlockSkin.Command can use "/blockskin" command - BlockSkin.Break can break custom...
  15. S

    custom texture pack with textures

    I am looking for a custom texture pack with mutliple custom textures. add me on discord aSethy#7355
  16. chickenputty

    2D Resource Pack Artist

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for someone that is talented in 2D sprite work. Budget: Around $30; open to negotiation Deadline: 7 days Amount: 15 textures, most being basic items Theme: Most revolve around dragons Textures Needed: dragon essence, a purple version of blaze powder skeleton like...
  17. Soriental

    Crillish and Soriental's Texture pack shop

    Hello my name is Soriental and i am currently selling a texture pack and i'm also offering different types of texture packs. Here is what i'm selling...
  18. RustMC

    3D Rust texture for Minecraft

    Looking for a 3D model maker to help me complete a texture pack that is already half made for my RustMC Server. add my discord to discuss it and prices? dc: Liberty#4715
  19. E

    3D models/texturepack

    I am looking for someone who can make 3D models for an amusement park server and also put them in a default texture pack (custom trains) We can talk about payment, are you intrested then add me to discord etienne # 8660
  20. OnPointDevs

    Custom TxP for Server "Blue Moon Equestrian"

    Hello! My name is Alexandra and I work for On Point Development. I can code (Java/HTML) but honestly I can't develop a TxP. So I'm asking for help on it! I don't need anything fancy, I just need the server paper currency done (saplings will do for a base? The money can be created in). I'm...
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