1. timsixth

    T-ExplosiveSheep v1.9.0

    Description: I created this plugin because I have never seen that on youtube and other platforms. It works on a rule when you feed sheep TNT. The animal changes for red sheep and after 5 seconds this animal explodes. You can switch off feeding TNT sheep. You can config almost all messags. The...

    Blasting System - Pack v1.0

    FEATURES 5x Blasting Type Easy Module Edit Just Watch Showcase Video :V
  3. Trae01

    Clans v1.0

    If you find any bugs or want more features on this plugin, feel free to contact me on Discord and I will try work on them. (trae2023) Dependencies PaperSpigot Server JAR ProtocolLib Features Lapis Block turns into Water when placed Spring Block launches you when you stand & right-click on...
  4. PixelMine

    Boss Bomb Icons v1.0

    High quality boss bomb icons for any Minecraft server shop, use them all or just a selection. Boss Bombs Blaze Charged Creeper Elder Guardian Ender Dragon Warden Wither plus unlabeled coloured version
  5. velshi

    LevelExplosionControl v1.0

    LevelExplosionControl is a simple yet effective plugin that lets Minecraft server admins manage the impact of explosion damage in their game worlds. By using this plugin, you can tweak and set the explosion damage customized via config. config.yml: Command/Permissions: LevelExplosionControl...
  6. vincyxir

    InstantTNTPlugin v1.2

    COMMAND: /InstantTNTPlugin SUPPORT SERVER: PERMISSION: instatnt.updatechecker InstantTNTPlugin.admin # InstantTNTPlugin InstantTNTPlugin is a powerful plugin that enhances your Minecraft server by providing instant explosion effects when TNT blocks are placed...
  7. keilyn

    TNT Icons v1.0.0

    3 TNT themed icons to use in your server's store! The download includes a non-watermark copy of the icons.
  8. Diekieboy

    EN - TNT RUN SETUP v1.1

  9. Cloth

    Raid Timers » MUST HAVE for all faction servers!

    For your players to start a raid, all they must do is claim their cannon and shoot TNT at the enemy base. The plugin will do all the work. The start and stop commands below are for admins to forcestart or forcestop raids if needed. Commands: /raid /raid help /raid list /raid start <attacker>...
  10. Deathor

    BetterSpigot [1.8.8] [$2 ] The best spigot for anything! | Redstone, Knockback, Spawners, v2021-09-20

    BetterSpigot 1.8.8 BetterSpigot is the perfect spigot for any gamemode. Everything in the plugin has been extremely optimized to deliver the best performance without sacrificing anything. Features: - Custom knockback profiles - Heavy world optimizations - Heavy entity optimizations - Extreme...
  11. Landon

    TNTWand - Deposit TNT into TNT Bank- Wand Uses Sounds ActionBar Fully Customizable v2.1

    TNT Wands is a lightweight, but feature-packed plugin for any Faction server. It allows users to deposit TNT from chests straight into their TNT bank, simply by using a wand. An amazing Buycraft item to sell. TNT Wands is fully configurable. The item name and lore can be configured, as well as...
  12. theFATGUY46

    Guide to spigot forks?

    (If you voted on the poll please tell us why you chose what you did!) Yo. After like 5 minutes of looking I've discovered that there are way more spigot forks than I thought. Is there any rule of thumb regarding them? Are there any things to watch out for? What's the reason to get a smaller...
  13. L

    1.16 Cannon Jar

    Looking to buy a cannon jar for 1.16+, looking for a price of around 50$ link them down below thanks
  14. F

    ***TNT tag and TNT war plugin*** $50

    $100 for TNT tag plugin and TNT war plugin for 1.16.1 spigot, support multiverse2 plugin, hologram top board, and shop page. must done in 1 week
  15. C

    Peaceful/Warring Factions Extension

    I am running a server that is SMP/Factions, where people have been building and claiming land. I am using a plugin called SaberFactions and I am looking for an extension or variation of a factions plugin with a few very specific features. Because my server population is very split on whether...
  16. Sam C

    1.8 Cannon Mechanics FIX (Revert to 1.7)

    Hello, This is a very short request but I am looking for someone who can provide me with the information needed to fix my cannoning on my Factions Server, if you have knowledge of this and are willing to help I would be greatly appreciative. I have already tried a number of ways that...
  17. Dyroxplays

    TNTRun Like on big servers MapVoting, scoreboard, statssystem, top 10 wall [1.8.x - 1.16.x] v1.3.1

    » TNTRun | 1.8.X – 1.16.X « ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ A TNTRun plugin, such as on, with MapVoting, Worldreset, own WorldManager, everything can be customized in the Config and much more! ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ FEATURES » 99% customizable in the config » like on...
  18. SftpClient

    FallenTnT Cosmic Styled TnT

    Hi so I'm selling a plugin Called FallenTnT which is a replica of CosmicPvP's tnt (still working on adding a few) We have done alot of bug tests and reason for making this is that all the ones i have used in the past have had alot of bugs and issues. Dependencies: SilkSpawners [Not needed only...
  19. Diz

    ✨StellarSpigot✨ (Recoded TNT, Outperforms Wine, Entities, Hoppers, Spawners, etc) [$150 | 1.8.8]

    StellarSpigot Vs WineSpigot StellarSpigot Vs HyperionSpigot Comparison of Stellar vs. Elapsed vs. Bestle StellarSpigot Latest Update! StellarSpigot is one of our best spigot to date, hence it being labeled as our enterprise level spigot. Many features of spigot have been completely...
  20. Trikz

    TNT Virtual balance / Easier TNT pickup

    Hi there, so i have a request if anyone is available to do it and id just like to state that i'm not interested in gaining any sought of profit from this potential plugin if it is made. It will be an open plugin and the developer can sell it if they would like to. Why develop my idea ? Being a...
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