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  1. Bosternike

    BosterParticles 1.1.5-SNAPSHOT

    BosterParticles is an awesome plugin for particles, projectile trails and more, similar to Hypixel ones . This plugin is very optimized to avoid resource usage, with a simple config to make it easy to configure. Also, I offer high quality support for you and If you have any issue with this...
  2. Wazup922

    UHC X / Speed UHC X [2 in 1, Solo, Teams, Scenarios, Recipes, Drops, Mystery Box] 2.1

    UHC / Speed UHC: This plugin provides your server with a bundle of 2 of the most famous challenging mini-games. UHC and Speed UHC! UHC is a minigame where players spawn in a randomly generated world and natural health generation is disabled in this world. Players have a grace period to prepare...
  3. Wazup922

    Dragon Escape X 2.3

    This minigame is a very fun game mode that is based on parkour. Players spawn in a map and trigger an angry dragon that seeks their elimination. They have to parkour around in order to outrun the angry dragon chasing them and reach the escape point! The dragon on his rampage destroys everything...
  4. Panta Rhei

    Ultra Trails 100+ Trails Available [ N E W ] [ 1.16+ ] 1.12

    ONLY 6.99 EUROS UNTIL THE 29 AUGUST ! [ -40% ] Ultra Trails is a project offering a large amount of animated effects classified by category. This plugin can be used in any type of server as it's only using cosmetics. You will find over 20 categories accessible through a GUI which is...
  5. Kappios

    Atlantis Setups Trails ConfigurationUnlimited Trails, Custom GUI 1.0

    Want to implement trails onto your server? Well this is the perfect opportunity. To create this configuration, we used SuperTrails which has so many options including particle trails, block trails, and even rain trails. We chose 5 of the more clean trails, and created a DeluxeMenus GUI which can...
  6. Ryzeon_

    Trails System | Gui Configurable 1.1

    Description: Trails System is a plugin made for servers that want to have small cosmetics on their server without consuming many resources and that is easy to configure Why should you buy this? Easy, the interface is easy to understand, you can add as many trails as you want (it depends on your...
  7. Wazup922

    The Walls X [Walls, Mega Walls, Solo, Teams, Kits, Cages, Trails, Mystery Box] 2.3

    The Walls X: The walls is a very fun minigame where each team is separated by a wall that is erased after a period of time. Each team must collect resources, build traps, and prepare for the wall drop. After the wall is dropped, teams can enter enemy territory and eliminate them to win the game...
  8. Rhos

    Vector Cosmetics Icons 2020-05-25

    Icons for use anywhere and everywhere! Buycraft, server icons, merch, it's all good - these are free to use in any way you want. Upon downloading you'll receive .png files of all of the above, as well as a version of each scaled-up to 4x. I've also included the Illustrator file so you can...
  9. Wazup922

    Eggwars/Bedwars X [Solo, Teams, Kits, Trails, Leaderboards, Mysterybox, Parties] 7.0

    Eggwars X: The ultimate fun game! Create parties and join teams along with your friends and protect your egg with your life! Upgradeable generators will give you the materials needed to buy all the good gear and needed items for survival from the villagers around the map. Attack other islands...
  10. Wazup922

    Skywars X 8.5

    The ultimate minigame for your server! Create arenas with ease and start playing instantly. Unlock new kits, cages, and trails through purchasing them from the awesome gui shop, or through the mystery box. Rank up and earn achievements as you become more powerful. Create parties and play with...
  11. N

    HUB Premade Server * Daily Rewards * Cosmetics * Parkour * Trails * Player Settings * Profiles

    HUB Premade Server ServerMC Hello, my name is Nikola and this is HUB Premade server named ServerMC. For all informations continue reading. Thanks. What this server Include? Custom BossBar, Cosmetics GUI, Trails (Wings, Block Particles..), Player Profile (View players social links..), Player...
  12. Praya

    CustomArrow [Premium] [1.7.x - 1.13.x] 3.17

  13. rocky1

    Professional Creative Setup | 5.00 $ Rankup System Pets Trails Tags [40% OFF] 2018-10-16

    _______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ Hi there, Welcome <3 ! Hope you will like the setup. :) Please read the whole resource info to figure out why this is not a casual Creative Server...
  14. mcparadip

    Server Tools 1.0

    Hi guys! I've made a small Skript for your server! It includes many tools like: Color Chat GUI Shouts Donor Chat Staff Chat Command Spy Rules GUI Requires new users to agree to rules with /acceptrules Trails GUI for free! Commands and Permissions: /color - Open color chat GUI - chat.color...
  15. gabbo200

    Pro SkyWars [Kits, Cages, Trails, Mystery Box, Holograms, Chest Types, Unlimited Refills]

    Professional minigame for your server! Create unlimited arenas, loot chests for equipments, fight to be the last man standing! Totally independent, can run absolutely by itself. Almost 100% configurable, customize your messages, arenas, kits, cages and chests. Create unlimited arenas. Can...
  16. Marius


    ProjectilesTrails by Marius ProjectilesTrails is a plugin that allows players to have particle effects trail from their arrows and snowballs. NEW: Particles on SNOWBALLS (this particles are per player): NEW: You can create your custom trail for arrow CustomTrail: Name: '&5Custom...
  17. D

    S) Advanced Trails Plugin [+][+] SIMPLE TO USE (4,00 EUR)

    Trails is a very simple plugin to use. It's advanced in the way the particle shapes look like. It has many options like if you want it constantly or only when you move. And there will always be the perfect trail for you that you like on your own way! There is enough choice for a particle that...
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