1. minecraftsoftware

    PlayerLanguages v1.0

  2. PepijnWeijers

    Translation Pack - Arix Theme v1.1

    Free translation pack for Arix theme with 10+ translations: English: en Czech: cs Danish: da French: fr German: de Hindi: hi Indonesian: id Italian: it Korean: ko Portuguese: pt Portuguese (Brazil): pt-BR Punjabi: pa Romanian: ro Russian: ru Spanish: es Swedish: sv Turkish: tr Ukrainian: uk
  3. J

    ShopGUIPlus Translation | Spanish v1.94.0

    🛍️ | ShopGUI+ Configuration Complete Overview: Welcome to ShopGUI+ fully translated into Spanish, a highly satisfying and completely customizable solution for your server's shopping needs. Loaded Stores and Items: "Minerals" store with 50 items. "Miscellaneous" store with 44 items...
  4. LuukW

    Zyno Bot Translations v1.6.0

    Zyno Bot Translations This resource allows you to instantly translate the messages of your bot without having to translate everything yourself. The languages currently supported are: English (default on Zyno Bot) Dutch Spanish French Huge thanks to EsteName_ for translating the messages to...
  5. 4drian3d

    TumiTranslator v1.0.1

    Add rich translations to you Minecraft Server or Proxy Installation Install MiniPlaceholders Download TumiTranslator Drag and drop on your plugins folder Start the server Add as many translations and languages as you like Features Add translations to all your MiniPlaceholders compatible...
  6. Pallux

    Plugin Translation ⭕️ English -> German [Small Plugins FREE] | Cheap and Reliable ✅

    Hey BBB Community, If you're a Minecraft plugin developer and looking to expand your potential user base to include German speakers, you may want to consider offering your plugin's messages in German. This is where my services can come in handy. As a English-German translator, I will translate...
  7. Leynad

    Authme | translation to Spanish v1.0

  8. tolba

    Looking someone to translate a long document from English to Arabic.

    I am looking for someone to translate from English to Arabic, I will be paying really good amount of money for the job and might get a chance of becoming a part of the team at my agency. Please notice that this job isn't to be thought that you can do with simply Google Translate otherwise I...
  9. G

    ES | UltimateAutoRestart Translation v1.0 (1.7-1.19.3)

    ULTIMATEAUTORESTART TRANSLATION (SPANISH) All Minecraft Servers with versions between 1.7x and 1.19x can use this resource with UltimateAutoRestart. ABOUT THIS TRANSLATION: Price: 0.00💸 (FREE) In this translation the main used colors are red and white. You're allowed to made recolors to this...
  10. Domino69

    [OFFER] [FLUENT] Translating any type of document or text, if it involves homework it's okay as well.

    Title, I also know 4 languages: English, french, arabic, japanese Discord: Domino#4960 It's paid by the way. though i dont have that much of a portfolio.
  11. SolDev


    Looking for Arabic To English Translation Or English To Arabic Translation?. Easy! RATES: $0.10 for 500 words+ $0.8 For 300 Words+ $1 For less than 300 words CONTACT VIA DISCORD: SolDevelop#1678
  12. Studios Draze

    GadgetsMenu Spanish Translation + Design [Free & Premium version of the Plugin] v1.0.1

    If you need help or have questions about the resource you can go to my Discord Information Full translation of the Gadget Menu plugin in Spanish to be used in the Premium and Free version of the plugin. • Main Menu with different design • All SubMenus translated • Mystery Box Vault...
  13. Raphael Sales

    Translate Your server/plugin/anything to Portuguese.

    Hi, my name is Raphael and I'm Brazilian. I want to offer you a service. I'll translate anything you want from English to Portuguese and vice-versa. I've been studying English since I was 4yo and now I'm 14. If you want more details send me a DM at my discord (Raphael Sales#8926) Edit: I want...
  14. Pu1se

    [Spanish] Homework, writing, speech, translations, etc.

    Hello my name is Pu1se, I am a native Spanish speaker but I've been studying and speaking english since I was 10 years old (I am 21 currently). Whatever it is that you need we can talk about it ;) Pricing or inquiries can be discussed on site or through my discord: Pu1se#8266
  15. Pu1se

    Translation/Writing Services (ENGLISH-SPANISH)

    Hello my name is Pu1se, I am a native Spanish speaker but I've been studying and speaking english since I was 10 years old (I am 21 currently). And for that reason I am offering my translation/writing services for English/Spanish with pretty decent grammar in both languages, so if you're...
  16. LucarioJapans

    ✔️ Lucario's cheap Czech translation service ✔️️

    Hello there my friend! Do you need to translate something to Czech? Worry not! I can translate nearly anything to Czech! Please note, I do not translate any legal documents or similiar things. Need something for work? I got you covered! My price is 5 dollars per 1000 words translated. Please...
  17. Mackan

    English to Swedish/Swedish to English Translator!

    Hello! I am a fluent speaker and writer in English and Swedish and therefore offering translation services within those languages. If you're interested contact me via discord at Mackan#0892 !
  18. P

    French homework & translation

    I am fluent in both American English and French (France) and have received native classes in both languages. Having participated in translating for multiple open source projects (Github on contact info), I have experience translating games and applications but am also able to translate a variety...
  19. B

    Spanish translation service

    Hi, I'm Bilbao and I'm from Argentina, I'm offering my services of translation. English --> Spanish Spanish --> English With this I mean that I could translate Google docs, voice calls, essays, plugins etc. Contact me via Discord: xBilbao#2539.
  20. exit

    Transaltions: German

    Translating lang.yml and messages.yml from German to English or from English to German for 1$ per 25lines Skype: lenn1512200304022002
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