1. tristminerking

    Hazed-MC |Hiring Developers,Artists,Writers,Youtubers and Staff|

    Hello Minecraft-Market Users, Me and some of my staff have been working on a fully customized server network called Hazed-MC. But, due to school starting up and other extracurricular things going on the progress has been slowed down. Because of this not many things coding and building wise...
  2. tristminerking


    Hello Minecraft-Market, I am the founder of Hazedmc. As the title says we are in need of a large amount of staff. To be picked as one of these staff members you will need a set of requirements as listed below. [/SPOILER] If interested apply on this post and i will contact...
  3. tristminerking

    [SAO-Crafted] In need of Builders

    Hello MC-M, Hello im tristminerking owner of SAOCrafted. SAOCrafted is a modded server that uses Custom Npcs Pams Harvest Craft and other mods of that nature. Because this is a very big project we are in need of builders. I want my server to sorta be like this. Since the server is closed i...
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