1. meiszoom

    Hawker Hunter v1.0

    Info: -Scripted (with taco’s plane kit) -Detailed -Flyable -Detailed cock pit -British fighter jet
  2. meiszoom

    Starbucks building v1.0

    -Detailed -Not scripted -Simple Starbucks building -Brick Built -Detailed Interior -Roblox removed the Starbucks logo noting I can do about that make ur own
  3. meiszoom

    Trampoline Park v1.0

    Info: -Jumping Pads -Check In Desk -Lockers -Briefing Room -Entrance -And More!
  4. Harrow Industries

    Utah Beach WW2 France v1.0

    Expansive and Meticulous: The Utah Beach map is a vast and meticulously crafted environment, far larger than first impressions might suggest. Its is filled with intricate details that come together to create an immersive experience. Authentic World War Atmosphere: This map is specifically...
  5. Harrow Industries

    Hillsborough Castle Northern Ireland v1.0

    Precision and Authenticity: Hillsborough Castle is meticulously crafted to reflect the actual landmark with precision. Every aspect, from architectural details to the layout of the stately rooms, is designed to offer an authentic experience. State Entrance Hall: The grandeur of the State...
  6. meiszoom

    Kawasaki Ninja H2 v1.0

    Info: -Scripted -Detailed -Drivable
  7. Fjnxcl

    UK Filler Buildings v1.0

    FEATURES No Interior High Quality Design Beautiful Exterior Well Designed
  8. Broken_HMS

    Uniform Pack British Army v1.0

    Amazing way to start a British Army group or Retail Store - You cannot sell the templates! This is a easy to go and easy to use British Army Templates Pack Physical Training (British Army Quartermaster (Biritsh Army Multi-Terrain Pattern (British Army) No. 1 Dress Blues (British Army) No. 2...
  9. Glocc

    Cheap Detailed UK Roleplay Map Roblox v1.0

    Presented here is an intricately designed map of the United Kingdom, specifically tailored for utilization within the Roblox platform as a backdrop for immersive roleplaying experiences. This meticulously crafted environment exhibits a remarkable level of realism, offering players an authentic...
  10. Broken_HMS

    Third Person Gun System v1.0

    THIRD PERSON ADVANCE COMBAT SYSTEM (ACS) Siamese Engine is being brought to you by the same company that houses warfighter gun engine. Again and again Broken Studios launches innovation and groundbreaking changes into the Advance Combat Realm. Easy to convert guns to the system allowing...
  11. Broken_HMS

    Al Tamimi, Libya v1.0

    huge 15kx15k map with R6 modded acs 3 different factions teams, spawns and gear 2 small towns 1 larger coastal city with inhabited islands scattered over it opfor spawn on one of them, very detailed map, high quality lighting and high quality assets used
  12. Broken_HMS

    Chemlight System v1.0 – ChemLight military grade light sticks are standard issue for all military personnel, so you know there’s no better alternative available.
  13. Broken_HMS

    Sikasso mali v1.0

    The map includes a large forest with thick foliage and exotic plants, the map also features a small town and many compounds and houses scattered all over the map. it also includes 2 bases: 1 blufor 1 opfor PBR TEXUTRES MASSIVE SIZE GREAT FOLIAGE OPFOR AND BLUOR BASES A HUDE AMOUNT OF DETAILS ETC
  14. Broken_HMS

    10 Downing Street + Embassy v1.0

    Number 10 Downing Street, the home to the British Prime Minister High detailed interior for meetings / exterior. Perfect for photos for press or outside adresses
  15. Broken_HMS

    Sennybridge Training Area v1.0

    The Sennybridge Training Area is a UK Ministry of Defence military training area near the village of Sennybridge in Powys, Wales. Range of Buildings and roads Windows and doors are scripted to be opened / closed. Skybox + lighting Gear including, Vests, Guns & Helmets Perfect for trainings for...
  16. Broken_HMS

    Irish Borders v1.0

    Irish Borders This map comes with everything from the original game including kit, scripts, vehicles, weapons and more. This game is based on the 1980s “Troubles” of Northern Ireland, the map is highly realistic and detailed with both a Northern Irish and Irish side. Both sides of the...
  17. Broken_HMS

    House of Commons v1.0

    House of commons The main area of the British Parliament. This normally houses the Prime Minister, the opposition and the government.
  18. Y

    UK roleplay Map v1.0

    Roleplay map includes: Roads, highway, mesh buildings, sidewalks, ground signs, road signs, housing area, highway to unfinished second city
  19. ThatOnlyDev

    2018 UK Police Volvo XC90 v1.0

    Specialties – Realistic Exterior – Realistic Interior – Realistic Mesh – Based on Real Vehicle – Custom UK Emergency Lighting System – Drivable – Good Handling System
  20. ThatOnlyDev

    2012 UK Police Vaxuhall Astra Estate v1.0

    Specialties – Realistic Exterior – Realistic Interior – Realistic Mesh – Based on Real Vehicle – Custom UK Emergency Lighting System – Drivable – Good Handling System
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