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  1. Evermoore

    LibertyCraft | OG Factions | Looking for Managers/Builders/Helpers

    Greetings! Let me introduce you to our unique server called LibertyCraft that I and my friends always dreamt of but could not find so we simply decided to make it! We yearned to be on English speaking server that is free from needlessly heavy and trigger-happy moderation, bloated with rules that...
  2. Jemol

    Looking for investors for a heavily backed and community run project.

    Hello everyone, today I'm writing to tell you about a project of mine that has been in the works since late December. As previously indicated, our project has been in the works for some time, and development has been going really well. We intend to release in mid-April or early May, depending on...
  3. Slosshy

    Upcoming Skyblock Server - Recruiting Staff

    - FruitCraft is a brand new startup Skyblock server looking to release within the next 3-8 weeks. We have yet to begin advertising, although intend to invest around $500 into advertising for our first soft-launch Skyblock season. We are currently looking to fill the following positions: Note...
  4. J

    NefaMC [Unreleased Factions Server] [Feature Packed] [Flawless Cannons]

    We Are Currently Looking For People To Fill Our Discord And Join Us On Our Release! We Have Yet To Release But Are Working Actively To Release Next Saturday. We Offer Many Many Features And a Few Of Them Are Listed Below. Join Our Discord For a Full List Of Features! DISCORD...
  5. SazB

    Need Builders for Upcoming Network (PAID)

    Hello I currently own an upcoming new network which we are working on making our own unique plugins for it and are looking for a small hub to be built for a cheap price is possible as this is a new community. Information Price range, I'm looking at something like $40 and for a hub but I have no...
  6. VactumPlays

    Recruiting Discord Staff - 500 Discord Members

    Hello! We are currently recruiting staff for our discord. We are a strong community, for an upcoming discord bot. Staff will get basic training on the bot, so they can help users out. My Discord: VactumPlays#0720 Discord Server:
  7. Kloppie

    Looking for staff!

    Hey everyone! My name is Kloppie, I am the owner of Particleplanet. Particleplanet is a brand new server where people will be able to play all kinds of game modes. Currently we are working on making the server structure the best we can. In the meantime, we are looking for the following staff...
  8. 45x7

    Exeo Network | Staff Applications open

    Exeo Network Ip: Discord: Website: About US Exeo Network is an upcoming UHC server. Exeo is a combination of amazing custom coded plugins, and quality...
  9. Axelie

    ★Upcoming Network Partner★

    EDIT: I’m not “paying” for someones service. This is not a commission.
  10. Debilitate


    Hello! I'm Debilitate and I am the staff manager of The Agony network. The Agony Network is in dire need of staff! We're an upcoming network that will be either doing skyblock or factions. We believe that the Agony Network will become big for its uniqueness and dedicated staff. The server...
  11. CBHud

    Nano Network

    Hello guys i come to advertise my server Nano Network and tonight we are hosting first uhc play nanohq net mc vintal net
  12. bedrocksugimc

    Team for Arkstone setups

    Info: Hello my name is Mark and i am looking for some team members for Arkstone setups we basically setup servers we need all kinds of members from Designers to Marketers (Marketing) all you need to do is add me on discord Requirements: Most be over 13 Most contribute time to the team Most...
  13. M

    Looking for a dedicated crew to build a server with ☺️

    Hey everyone! First of all I’d like to thank you for taking an interest in my little ‘speech’ here. It means a lot to me and hopefully we can make my dream happen! Who am I? To start off I’m going to introduce myself. My name is Samantha, and I live in Alberta, Canada (Mountain Time Zone)...
  14. L

    FarRealms Looking for a manager

    FarRealms looking for a dedicated manager. Brief Description FarRealms is a server which has been open the past five months and has built from the ground upwards we did not buy any servers we made them ourselves and have spent many hours in doing so. When we opened back in July we gained a...
  15. Flozz


    I need a dev for my upcoming server if you want to check out the server the ==================================================== ======================= ip: website: Store: =======================...
  16. E

    Alert: Information On Upcoming Builds

    Hello Everyone! I am new here but i have friends that love this forums site. I myself am a builder and I am working on a Prison Map. Since I am new i would like some pointers. So If you are able to help me out or if you wish to learn more, please message me. Thank you!
  17. Mahan

    Survey: Please read, it is for an upcoming minecraft plugin

    Hi everyone, Me and my team have been discussing for a week now and we have finished planning stages of a very big plugin that will be released for free for all minecraft owners. Unfortunately we cannot reveal much information about what the plugin will be just yet, I hope you understand. This...
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