us army

  1. Broken_HMS

    Texas Training Range v1.0

    Texas, United States of America Filler Sounds for a realistic Experience Raid Area full of Killhouses Inside and Outside Range Checkpoint to enter the shooting Range Boats with a Yacht that you can raid A whole lot more
  2. Mystic.

    Interactive Sikorsky UH-60L Black Hawk v1.1

    Information ・Cutting-edge Technology: Experience the pinnacle of helicopter advancements. ・Exclusive Availability: Nowhere else will you find this top-tier model. ・Interactive Start-Up: Immerse yourself with a fully interactive and engaging launch. ・Exceptional Quality: Precision and quality are...
  3. PlenexCorporation

    US Army Formals v1.0

    A detailed set of US army pink and green formals from the rank of private to general. Around 23 uniforms. All custom-made. Perfect for any US Army groups. Includes the ranks from E1-E9b and O1a-010
  4. TechX

    Fort Jackson v1.0

    Test Game: Fort Jackson is a United States Army installation, which TRADOC operates on for Basic Combat Training (BCT), and is located within the city of Columbia, South Carolina. This installation is named for Andrew Jackson, a...
  5. Dhr.Ackers

    US | US Army Mega Cover pack | 2 bonus v1.0

    US Army MEGA Cover Pack!!!!! The Mega Cover Pack come as followed: OCP Covers for Enlisted ranks: from E1, to E9 OCP Covers for Officer ranks: from O1 to O10 Garrison Covers (Enlisted – O1 to O10) Campaign hat (2 types) Dress Cap (Enlist & Officer) Black Beret for Enlisted personnel: Black...
  6. Broken_HMS

    Forest Operation Map v1.0

    "Cheap but high quality", New map officially built in Milros, Map includes 3 Villages and one Raidable Compound (Similar to osama compound.) The map will also give you the most realistic Combat experience as Even if you're at one graphic we will have Mesh bushes and trees to cover the map so...
  7. Broken_HMS

    Killhouse Series v2 v2.0

    Everything you need for a killhouse for an elite unit Realistic One of a kind Quality
  8. Broken_HMS

    M1127 Reconnaissance Vehicle v1.0

    Includes: High Quality Model Scripted in A-Chassis Detailed Exterior and Interior Animated Doors
  9. Broken_HMS

    M109 TANK v1.0

    The best detailed M109 Howitzer on the Market. It was made to use the ferrarico tank system so you and your MILSIM, or just game, can unlock a new level of realistic tank battle using this M109 The M109 is an American 155 mm turreted self-propelled howitzer, first introduced in the early...
  10. Broken_HMS

    LAV-25 v1.0

    High Quality Model Scripted in A-Chassis Detailed Exterior and Interior Animated Doors Turret Scripted in Blizzard Room for 6 Marines
  11. Broken_HMS

    Fort Moore v1.0

    10k by 10k multiple ranges mout town areas to ruck open fields Fort Moore is a United States Army post near Columbus, Georgia, adjacent to the Alabama–Georgia border. Fort Moore supports more than 120,000 active-duty military, family members, reserve component soldiers, retirees and civilian...
  12. WilliamIndustries

    M1097A2 Cargo Troop Carrier v1.0

    For a greater payload capacity, heavy-duty rear springs, shock absorbers, reinforced control arms, heavy-duty tires, rims, lifting shackles, reinforced frames, crossmembers, and a transfer case and differential with a larger gear ratio are all incorporated. -A Chassis Animated doors Detailed...
  13. WilliamIndustries

    M998A1 Scout v1.0

    Armed with 50 Cal or Mk19, Used for passive reconnaissance stronger control arms, cross members, heavy-duty rear springs, shock absorbers, and off-road tires with a central tire inflation system, To save weight, doors, and extra components were removed. A-chassis Animated doors Detailed...
  14. WilliamIndustries

    M998A1 50cal & GL v1.0

    The high-mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicle (HMMWV) is a tactical vehicle created for the US Army. It is primarily used by the US military, but it is also used by several other countries and organizations, as well as in civilian adaptations. During the 1991 Gulf War, the Humvee was widely...
  15. WilliamIndustries

    RG-33 SOCOM AUV v1.0

    The RG-33 mine-resistant light armored vehicle was designed by BAE Systems Land Systems South Africa (formerly Land Systems OMC), a South African part of BAE Systems. In the United States, BAE Systems installed additional protection, a new powerplant, and new suspension systems. York...
  16. WilliamIndustries

    BAE Caiman v1.0

    The Caiman is a vehicle with mine and ambush defense. Armor Holdings, which BAE Systems later bought, had originally designed it. There are Category 1 (4x4) and Category 2 layouts for the Caiman (6x6). Each of these vehicle types received sizable orders from the US Marine Corps. The Caiman is...
  17. WilliamIndustries

    M1165 Command Center v1.0

    The M1165 is a General Purpose/Expanded Capacity Command and Control HMMWV, a four-man vehicle that can perform a range of tasks from command and control to authority over armed patrol, and it comes with a turret and optional weapons mount. A-Chassis Animated doors Detailed exterior Detailed...
  18. T

    United States Navy Map v1.0

    Comes with: Fully Scripted map Raid system Divisional HQ and exchange buildings Tip GUI System (With GFX's) Exchange system (With all the uniforms) Fully set up Carbon engine with guns installed Scripted ships (Also helicopter and planes) And much more!
  19. raiyan9

    United States Army Academy V1 v1.0

    Introducing: The United States Army Map Delve into a richly detailed and meticulously crafted military map designed for those who crave realism in their gaming adventures. Whether you're building a role-play scenario or setting the stage for strategic warfare, our map has every feature you'll...
  20. raiyan9

    Fort Carson US Army Base v1.0

    Fort Carson US Army Base Overview: Fort Carson is not just a map; it's an immersion. Dive into a medium-sized military playground meticulously crafted to set the perfect scene for your military or role-play games. • Parade Square: Where discipline and drills take the front seat. • Headquarters...
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