1. skrrreedoge

    Vehicle Spawner - User Interface Design vV1

    A Detailed Generic Vehicle Spawner with Many Features The Ability to Spawn Cars, Trucks, Boats and Planes from one Menu This is Generic for All Games and can be Customized to your Likings. Please not the Product you receive is not imported into Roblox studio however can easily be imported into...

    Mercedes CLE53 AMG 2024 v1.0

    Working Car Lights R/E Gear Gears |Mercedes CLE53 AMG 2024| DİSCORD SERVER - CRUNSEU

    BMW M5 F90 v1.0

    FEATURES Functioning Doors Scripted Car Sounds Full Scripted First Person Camera And More
  4. Awe Holdings

    2017 Nobel M600 v1.0

    Features: A-Chassis Tune PBR Textures Detailed Interior Detailed Engine Working Lights Working Guages Opening Doors Opening Hood Opening Trunk
  5. R

    Jetski Model | CraftyVehicles v1.0

    A cool red jetski model for you and your friend exploring the world (CraftyVehicles only). You can change the speed, particles and much more just with CraftyVehicles. Make sure you have these dependencies on your server: CraftyVehicles (PAID) ProtocolLib
  6. onlyrealhamster

    Bugatti Niniette 66 Concept v1.0

    Features: Game Ready High Quality PBR Textures Working Chassis
  7. onlyrealhamster

    Kawasaki Ninja ZX14R v1.0

    Features: High Quality Model Realistic sound Working Lights Working Indicators Wheelie Hold (T) Clickable stands
  8. onlyrealhamster

    2021 BMW M1000RR v1.0

    Features: High quality model Working exhaust vibrations Working animations Working VG lights Working Drift FPC Working engine vibrations Foldable Mirrors Wheelie Script Good Sound Suite
  9. onlyrealhamster

    2016 Yamaha R6 v1.0

    Features: Two liveries R6 60th Anniversary Edition Yellow Team Yamaha Blue EpicLights_V4 Working lights and indicators Working Animations Working sounds Wheelie ( Hold T ) Advanced First Person Camera ( V ) Clickable Stands All PBR Exhaust backfire Realistic Tune High quality model
  10. onlyrealhamster

    Volvo 940 Turbo Wagon v1.0

    Features: Seatbelt System Working Driver Animations Working Steering Wheel Working Shifter Exhaust Smoke and shake Openable Trunk and Hood Temperature System ( Engine Can Get Damaged And Break ) Working Wipers Working Gauges that Glow When Lights Turned On VG Spotlight V4 With Shadowmap...
  11. onlyrealhamster

    2002 Mitsubishi Evo VII Pack v1.0

    Features: Working Doors, Truck, Bonnet Working Lights and Indicators Working Steering Wheel Working Interior parts Working Exhaust Smoke Realistic Tune Has multiple versions, which includes a Stock, Rally and Track Spec Mitsubishi Evo. High Quality Model, with PBR interior and Exterior Working...
  12. onlyrealhamster

    2016 Mitsubishi Evo X v1.0

    Features: Working lights and indicators Specialmesh Lights Exhaust Smoke Realistic Tune Working Brake Heat Brake Sounds All panels openable Working Steering Wheels Realistic Sound Suite Working tyre smoke Advances First Person Camera Working Gauges
  13. onlyrealhamster

    Mitsubishi Evo VII Time Attack v1.0

    Features: PBR Textures all round Working Steering wheel Working Handbrake and Shifter Digital Gears on Dashboard Startup Script ( Press K Twice then hold G to startup ) Realistic Engine Sounds Digital Gauges Exhaust Smoke Realistic Tune
  14. onlyrealhamster

    2021 Tesla Model S Plaid Edition v1.0

    Features: Working Steering Wheel Opening Doors, Hood and Trunk Working Pedals HQ Int, HQ Ext Working Gauges Working Lights Openable Charge Port Realistic Tune PBR Textures
  15. onlyrealhamster

    2018 Lotus Exige 430 Cup v1.0

    Features: All panels Openable Working Exhaust Smoke Working lights and Indicators ( Ched Lights, Keybinds: H and N ) FUTURE LIGHTING REQUIRED Fully textured in PBR Working Steering Wheel Working Gauges Working First Person Camera ( Keybinds: V and B ) Realistic Tune High Quality Exterior and...
  16. onlyrealhamster

    2021 Bugatti Bolide v1.0

    Features: Opening Doors Working Arm Animations Exhaust Flames Working Exhaust Smoke Working lights Fully textured in PBR Working Steering Wheel Working Digital Gauges Working First Person Camera ( Keybinds: V and B ) Realistic Tune High Quality Exterior and Interior
  17. onlyrealhamster

    2020 Range Rover Vogue Pack v1.0

    Features: Working Lights and Indicators Specialmesh Lights 2 Different Variants, SDV6 and SVAutobiography V8 Realistic Diesel and Petrol tunes for each variant. All Panels Openable Interior Buttons light up Working dash icons, indicators, and high and low lights. Working Steering wheel. VG's...
  18. onlyrealhamster

    2012 - 2020 Rolls Royce Wraith Pack v1.0

    Features: Comes in 2 variants, pre facelift, and facelift black badge Working lights and indicators Specialmesh Rear Lights and Indicators Interior Buttons Lighting Working starlight headliner Realistic Tune Working Exhaust Smoke Working VG FPC Working Steering Wheel All panels Openable High...
  19. onlyrealhamster

    2014 Volkswagen Golf R v1.0

    Features: Workings lights and Indicators Specialmeshed Lights Working Interior Lights Working steering wheel Realistic Sound Suite All panels openable Realistic Tune Working exhaust flames Working exhaust smoke High quality Model PBR Exterior and some interior panels Working gauges
  20. onlyrealhamster

    2020 Hyundai Sonata SE v1.0

    Features: Working Steering Wheel Working Doors Realistic Tune Working lights and Indicators Working exhaust smoke VG First person Camera Muffled interior Engine sounds Realistic Sound Suite Simulated CVT Gearbox
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