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  1. SMservices

    TG # Member 1K = $1.5 / View 1K = $0.05 / Reaction / Poll - Votes # (100 Free)

    Social Media Services All services are Quality & Fast & Guaranteed Telegram Public Channel/Group Members(Non Drop) | 1K = $1.5 | min 500 - max 100K View | 1k = $0.05 | min 100 - max 100M Poll / Votes | 1k = $1 | min 50 - max 300k Reaction (Reaction + View) | 1k = $0.5 | min 10 - max 1M...
  2. Semify

    DeluxeMenus | Vote Links | FREE CONFIG 1.0

    ⭐ ️| DeluxeMenus Vote Links| ⭐️ FREE CONFIG Made by Semify PICTURES: End of the resource. If you have any questions ask me on Discord: Semify#4477 Enjoy the menus!
  3. basedecluid

    PlantMinecraft Votes

    No fees until the end of the day. Offer ending 12am US Eastern Standard Time.
  4. Asodey

    DeluxeMenus Votes menu - Sound effects 1.0

  5. Rebble

    Boost your server votes! |50 Free Votes!|

  6. Rebble

    Cheap Minecraft Server Votes! + (Try out at no cost!)

  7. E

    Simple Plugin Development

    Dear developer, I was looking for a custom plugin that keeps track of the votes for my Minecraft Server Network. The plugin should be able to: - Broadcast to the whole network if a player has voted on all the links provided to vote (Possibly Hex Support) - A /votes command that shows a...
  8. InternetThing

    Minecraft Sites - Cheap Votes!

    Dark Clouds - Voting Services We will be voting for you at , Join our discord to view prices and more information! Discord Server: Thank you for your time! :D
  9. poridServe

    Votes for Minecraft Servers | CHEAP!

    Hello all, I'm selling votes for various Minecraft Server Listing Sites. I am currently selling it @ a promotional rate of: $5-10 per 1000 votes. (min purchase is 1000 votes.) *You are able to mix and match the 1000 votes for multiple server listing sites. As of now, these are the sites we can...
  10. B

    Minecraft Server List Votes | CHEAPEST | FAST | SAFE | GET PLAYERS | AS LOW AS $0.55/100

  11. Excursion


    I have provided service for over 80 servers with 100% satisfaction. All votes are safe and completely legit. This is a great investment if your trying to bring in more traffic to grow your server. What I need: -Your Server ID#: Example (<ID>) usually found...
  12. MCVotes

    MCVotes Integration - Bring Votes to your Community! 1.1.1

    [ ! ] This plugin only works in combination with an external website and is not completely standalone Spanish version of messages.yml -> here Servers Using MCVotes-Integration: LatinPlay: ComuGamers: MelaCraft: [···] ~ Send us a...
  13. Ninjablader101

    Massive Network

    Server IP: Releasing a new server IP soon. Stay tuned with discord. Gamemode: Kit Pvp and more to come. Discord: Server Features Custom enchants Community suggestions Community votes Media friendly Nice Staff Invite rewards
  14. FOGos

    Vote Boost Bot for server-list custom Ads [UNDETECTABLE VOTES]

    Hi, You will be able to advertise yourself. I sell Vote Boost Bot, you to have an opportunity vote boost to itself votes and to get profit and a gain of new players, it is absolutely safe. Vote Boost Bot price with instruction: 100$ If you wanna proof tell me, i will give you test Vote Boost...
  15. V - Boost game servers, websites, anything at all. [UNDETECTABLE][VOTES]

    Discord Server: In response to some of the concerns posted by users (some simply negative sales trashing) our manager has written a detailed response to explain our business and pricing structure. Please read it in entirety to understand our service before...
  16. S

    Looking for Vote boosters / Youtubers / Advertisers / Slots

    Server IP : Server Discord : Budget : 1$ - 20$ Contact Sam or HodaratoYT
  17. Chad Griffith is a website that Has been around for quite a few years and was almost abandoned until we decided to advertise here on Mc-Market. The site is fully functional and you can even control rcon based servers (source or other games) with this system. You can also have users vote...
  18. Siuan

    Vote plugin database conversion

    I'm looking for someone to convert my VoteRoulette player database files to VotingPlugin format. There are 1600 player files. Please PM me if you are interested in this project with a quote of how much it will cost me. Thank you! Siuan
  19. P

    Got a server? Need players fast? <> Get free premium for the first 30 days!

    Got a server? Need players fast? Well we can help you with that! List your server on the voting list website and get players instantly. Click the link below for more information, all new servers listed get free premium for the first 30 days! Site: Register on forums...
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