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vouch copies

  1. RisingRoyality

    FREE Vouch Copies⚡ Survival Setup Reborn ⚡ Permanent support

    I am looking for a host sponsor to host test servers for the resources I will post here. Permanent access will be given to all resources that are published under your sponsorship and your host company goin to be advertised. interested? Contact me on discord. Rising#8244 ⭐A great spawn zone...
  2. FriedDuck

    Free small plugin development

    Hi, I make your plugin ideas reality for free. All i wan't back is a vouch in this thread. Discord: FriedDuck#5253
  3. Stexjy

    FREE 5 Vouch copies plugins

    Hello, I'm making 5/5 vouch copies, plugin must be simple Here's my Dicord: Stexjy#6613
  4. DevX

    DevX | HQ - Fast Delivery - Vouch Copies (1/50)

  5. Paffz

    ✨HQ Discord Setups | Free and Fast ✨

    INTRODUCTION Hey everyone! I have decided I will be offering free discord setups for vouches. I will soon be offering paid setups once I have gained some more rep & vouches. INFORMATION I will be doing a few setups at a time to be able to maintain my quality. This offer is for a limited time...
  6. RuskaVotka

    Graphics Design - Motion Design - Music Beats

    Hello everyone, my name is Antonio. I am 18, I have been graphics designer for nearly 7 years now. My portfolio: My discord: Antonio911#4845 Offering a few vouch copies to members with 10+ rep. If you are interested in vouch copies or buying...
  7. Paffz

    ⭐Discord Setups | Professional & High Quality | Vouch Copies!

    Discord Setups Greetings reader! I'm currently offering Discord Servers for vouch copies to remake my portfolio. I will most likely get a thread design in the near future! I have been using and making Discord servers for a few years now and I'm familiar with many different popular bots. I can...
  8. Frogloo


    Hey! I'm offering 4 vouch copies for one simple logo design. I'm offering this to expand my portfolio and add more of my work to it. Please contact me on discord at Jumloo#0001 if you are interested. Thank you, Jumloo
  9. ItsBrendy

    Design vouch copies! Increasing my reputation. (3/3)

    Hey there folks of MC-Market. I've chosen to increase my trust on this website, therefore I would like to make some vouch copies for those who are interested. My thread: or click the first sticky thread on the design sub-section. Cheers...
  10. Galsk

    Plugin development (Doing Vouch Copies)

    Hey MC-Market! I'm currently looking to expand my portfolio in order to build up my reputation. These prices are approximate and can be changed. I base the prices on how long it takes to finish the plugin. (About $10 per hour) $3-10 - Basic plugin - 2-3 Commands with permissions, little to...
  11. oxycottyn

    Oxy's GFX - FREE Vouch Copies!

    Hello everyone! Today I am here offering you a vouch copy of my GFX art. I've been in GFX since a few months now and I was willing to offer my art to you all! Any questions can be asked to me in my Discord server where I also handle all my requests (with a custom bot ;))! My portfolio can...
  12. Kwinix

    kwinix's Design Shop (Thumbnails)

    Prices: Thumbnail - €1.50 Banners - €0.00 Logos - €0.00 Contact me for the prices of any other designs. --> Portfolio & Info <--
  13. sycle

    Sycle’s Graphic Design Shop || Logos, Icons, Banners, PFPs & More! || PM for quote!

    Hello MCM, My name is Sycle, I’m a 14 year old graphic designer from Canada! I’ve been doing graphic design for a little while now and I am constantly improving. I design on an iPad Air using an Apple Pencil... I’m offering my service to MCM to provide a high quality, more affordable route than...
  14. ZodiacDesigns

    [FREE] Website Designs [Vouch 5/8] [Professional/Fast/Reliable]

    Hello Everyone, Today I will be extending my vouch copies to further grow my portfolio! I had previous clients buy websites from me, now this is fine I will happily do so if you want a more advanced and modern website with animations and anything you desire! Just simply say that you are willing...
  15. Jinxx

    Server Management (1/3 VC's)

    Hello! My name is Jack, I am currently looking to grow my portfolio of servers that I have worked with. No matter how big or small, I will help. What I Can Offer - Discord server manager - Minecraft server manager - Event planner - Professionalism - Insight with investment - Ad work - Branding...
  16. Zirak

    Requesting Free Vouch Trailer

    Hey! My server is looking for a free trailer to be made, we're wanting to do it with an artist who is still doing vouch trailers, please contact me on discord or comment here if you can do this! :D FreakyPlaya#2006
  17. Yuka

    Vouch copy Discord bots

    Hello, my name is Zoey. I am from New Zealand, and I am offering (free) vouch copy Discord bots to build myself a portfolio and reputation. I can do ticket bots, fun bots, music bots, economy bots, moderation and economy bots and many more, including web dashboards, oauth2 integration and have...
  18. DivineBeast

    2019 New Year resolutions I Services FREE.

    Hello Mc-Market, I am Seprez or Majid Yasari, a 18 year old Administration & Design Student @ UGENT BELGIUM. I had a big heart for Minecraft when i was younger and still enjoy the great creations of servers, It's been awhile that i got on MCM and i thought it was time to get back to work. So...
  19. RavitsART

    $5 Profile pictures (1 free copy left)

    I want to work on some basic commissions to get myself back in the game! Drawings will be based off of Minecraft skins! so make sure you got one, and that its human, i will not work on commissions for skins that are ugly :P Here is an example; Discord: Daniel Ravits#7170
  20. Pandaeye Designs

    ✏️ Dirt cheap art looking to build up a portfolio. ✏️

    Offering full body illustrations of skins for 1 dollar, just looking for some jobs to do, and get enough material to build a portfolio, giving mine's lackluster size. Here are some examples of my work : P.S : The pandaojinho signature is what I go by now, but since this account is over a...
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