1. Alanlins


  2. Thwopsie

    In need of Discord Invite Background

    Hi there, I am in need of a graphic designer that is capable of creating a 1920 x 1080 virtual wallpaper for the Discord Nitro Invite Background. There are certain features and themes that must be met so please contact me via Discord: Lukas Ares#1202 for more information on the project. Many...
  3. DicePixel

    DistrictGames™️ | High Quality Hand Drawn Illustrations | Logo / Icons /Backgrounds / Customs U.I..

    My Discord server : https://discord.gg/hJnfXcbaPG My Twitter : https://twitter.com/District_Games
  4. WelzDesign

    WelzDesign© Illustrator... Logo | Icon | Wallpaper..

  5. Aelin

    Phone Lockscreen & Homescreen Wallpaper v1.0

    Looking for a new iPhone wallpaper or Android phone background? Look no further. Having trouble finding a good picture or photo to be your new spring-themed phone lock screen wallpaper? We've got you covered! Featuring both a lockscreen background and a more simplistic Home Screen wallpaper...
  6. itzamir

    Need people who are crazy about anime/Can manage a community

    Hey, I want some people who can help me and my team out in Discord server emojis and uploading cute wallpapers (about a specific anime called Demon Slayer) for a new big-scale upcoming bot. Right now no payments but In the future maybe(well, when the bot reaches a high amount of servers). If you...
  7. RuthlessJailer

    Buying- Tiled minecraft wallpaper

    Looking for a wallpaper similar to this: Requirements: Grass, dirt, and stone (3 separate images) Seamless (should be able to be placed next to one another with color/texture being the only visible difference at the edges) HD (1080p minimum) I need this ASAP; send price and...
  8. Whitebrush_

    Server Logos / Wallpapers / Hand drawn 10$

    Hello ,my name is Florin and I'm a graphic designer, hand drawn artist exactly. Prices: -Server Logo: 25$+ (The price will depends by the details) -Server Ranks: 10$ per rank ( Low price in 6+ bundle ) -Wallpaper: 25$+ -Banner: 20$+ -Icons: 15$ -Avatar: 20$+ Contact: -Discord...
  9. Shawio

    YouTube Minecraft ( Wallpaper Banner Thumbnail )

  10. Dede Kurniawan

    Minecraft Renders (Transparent, Scene, GFX, and Wallpapers)

    AMAZING MINECRAFT RENDERS Hey guys, are you looking for cheap minecraft render with high quality? Then you're in the right place. Only takes 24 hours, and you get your render. I have over 2 year rendering experience. You don't need to be worry about the result. Just check it out. I have 50+...
  11. Ruben_Artz

    「Buy my designs」

    MY DESIGNS About: Hey, hello, as you saw I sell designs above, you can see my work that I have done if you are interested, you can contact me in my discord, I also do Banner with 3d letters, minecraft profile photos the resolution that I work is (3048x2160 4k) for the background of...
  12. XMario

    HQ & CHEAP Desktop Backgrounds!

    Hi there! Im selling custom made desktop backgrounds (based on text, logo, etc.). Price: 10$ each Previous work: https://gyazo.com/37e623cc45f81d8089bb4d239d2b2412 https://gyazo.com/2ac33028b3d93ee0fe2db50533fe177d https://gyazo.com/77cdcd120dc7f2b0e24871de8ec5890e PM me if you are interested.
  13. Kaitlynn

    Lilac's Wallpaper Shop ♥

  14. Controling

    Selling Cheap Art And Minecraft GFX

    Controling Designs Hello, I am Controling, a 13 year old Graphic Design. I have been making graphics for over 2 years and still love making them now. I can offer reliable and quality service to every person who orders from me. I make minecraft renders and art for cheap, and reliable. I keep...
  15. Fahd Irfan Rana


    Hi! My name is Fahd, I make Professional Minecraft Graphics. If you want to buy some you contact me on these social medias. *NO SCAM* Discord: FahdTRCYT#6186 Twitter: @Fahd_TRC
  16. Fahd Irfan Rana

    Minecraft GFX Wallpaper For The Runaway Creeper

    I had a lot of fun making this wallpaper :), If u want one just Email me on [email protected] or on Skype: fahdtrc or on Discord: FahdTRCYT#6186
  17. Controling

    Selling Cheap Professional Minecraft GFX

    Controling Designs Hello, I am Contrling, a 13 year old Graphic Design. I have been making graphics for over 2 years and still love making them now. I can offer reliable and quality service to every person who orders from me. I make minecraft renders very quickly, cheap, and reliable...
  18. Drays


    I am giving a full rebrand to one lucky person. It will include • 800 x 800 PNG Avatar • 2560 x 1440 YouTube Banner • Optional x Optional Wallpaper • 1920 x 1080 YouTube Thumbnail I am doing it cause I plan on opening a shop with all of these things purchasable and I need more...
  19. Whitebrush_


    Hello ,my name is Florin and I'm a graphic designer ,hand drawn artist. Contact: -Skype: skizzoo2013 -Email: [email protected] -Gmail:[email protected] Timeframe for drawings: Few hours/1-2 days. SOME EXAMPLES OF MY WORK:
  20. F

    Drawing Sales 20%

    FLORIN MIHAI ~About me~ Hello ,my name is Mike and I'm a graphic designer ,I like to drawing and everytime when I do art ,I try to improve myself. ~Time for finish a drawing/render~ 1-2 days ~Prices: PM me ~Portfolio/Contact~ florinmihai.carbonmade.com SKYPE: skizzoo2013 ~EXAMPLES~