weapon set

  1. Mic-keySR

    Future Spectrum Merge v1.0

    Tools: Sword Variants (x4) Pickaxe Variants (x4) Axe Variants (x4) Hoe Variants (x4) Shovel Variants (x4) Protection Gear: Shield Variants (x4) Wings Variants (x4) Helmet (x1) - 3D Chestplate (x1) Leggings (x1) Boots (x1) Drag & Drop Supported: ItemsAdder Config
  2. N

    Armor and Weapons - Mark v1.0

    Stunning armor set of Mark ready to suit you Included: • Mark Helmet • Mark Chestplate • Mark Leggings • Mark Boots • Mark Sword • Mark Pickaxe • Mark Shovel • Mark Axe • Mark Hoe DOWNLOAD you'll receive a .zip with:
  3. BuMa98

    Emerald Weapons Pack v1.0

    High quality emerald weapons pack! 3 swords, axe, pickaxe & shield! Contains: - BBMODEL Files - Texture pack for all versions supported - Model Engine Configuration - Readme and a Model Engine guide.
  4. BreadBuilds

    Medieval Set v1.1

    Product information: Stunning Medieval set ready to suit you - weapons and tools Included: Sword Hat BackPack Shovel Hoe Pickaxe Fishing Rod CrossBow Bow Axe Chest Key Staff Spear Shield Hammer Download: Configurations: • ItemsAdder • Oraxen Also included: • Blockbench files • Usage...
  5. BreadBuilds

    Christmas Animated Set v1.2

    Product information: Stunning Christmas set ready to suit you - weapons and tools Tools and weapons are animated with particles Included: Axe Bow Greatsword Hammer Hoe Hat Chest Key Pickaxe Scythe Shovel Spear Staff Sword Trident Chestplate Leggings Boots Download: Configurations: •...
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