1. Vextrosity

    Spiders & Webs | Asset Pack v1.0

    Spiders & Webs | Asset Pack A pack of 10 awesome spiders and 9 spider webs. Give your builds a touch of horror. Free to use commercially, combined with your projects. Assets not to be sold individually. Supported Versions • 1.17 & Higher ZIP Contents • Java World, .mcworld & individual .schems...
  2. whitezom

    Level Up Your Server Presence: Affordable Websites for Gaming Communities

    Level Up Your Community's Online Presence! I'm a freelance web developer passionate about helping gaming communities thrive online. With over 2 years of experience, I specialize in crafting fast-loading, SEO-optimized static websites that will help put your server on the map. What I offer...
  3. hyres

    🥶 Offering web development services for cheap price.

    I used to work on websites in my spare time, and then I thought I could turn this into a source of income. That's why I'm building websites at an affordable price. Depending on the features and backend work you need, we can agree on the price. The prices for simple websites without backend work...
  4. PadowYT2

    Quantum v0.3.0

    Please report any issues or suggestions through our Tracker. Quantum introduces a lot of unique features Configuration of the theme is outside the admin area, having its interface with a live preview, so you can see the changes right away Revamped buttons and inputs for a more beautiful...
  5. Dxstro

    🚀 Potentora 🚀 | Your All-In-One Shop | GRAND OPENING SALE!

    Discord: DxstroDev
  6. Kayega

    WebIntegrator v1.1.3

    WebIntegrator Is a simple library for integrating a website written in nodejs with your minecraft server. Node.js npm install webintegrator const { WebIntegrator } = require('webintegrator'); const client = new WebIntegrator( 1234, // PORT "", // HOST "test"...
  7. ItsTareX


    I will make website for you only 15$ Technologies that i work with: HTML CSS JS PHP If you are intrested you can contact me on discord cbhud

    Portfolio Website - Good choice for you v1.0

  9. Automating

    Vanity License System | MongoDB & MySQL v1.5

    You can receive this system completely free by inviting 25 people on the discord (click here) to join the discord server. 🌍 What is Vanity System? ↴ A licensing system that is very easy to use both for clients of your projects and for you, Manage your licenses in real time! ✨ Features ↴ 📉...
  10. Vuhp

    Simple webhook to discord v1.0

    No require dependencies. (PHP.) Discord Support: https://discord.gg/ghvUgvdnCc [:D] IMAGES
  11. SolDev

    ⭐Mova Development(Aka SolDevelopment)👑 OFFERING [FULL STACK WEB DEVELOPMENT & WEB DESIGING]

    Waiting For Ya! on Discord: SolDevelop
  12. Pyzem Studios

    Web Development

    If anyone needs custom website , contact us in discord https://[Censored]/discord https://[Censored]/
  13. Fireblaster819

    Graceful - Clean modern Portfolio site vV1.01

    Graceful Portfolio Looking for a fancy portfolio for a cheap price? Well, you've found it! To edit the site you need basic HTML knowledge. If you do not have this purchase an addon and I'll do it for you. Homepage Testimonials Contact File structure Customization
  14. SuperMax_8

    BoostedAudio - Proximity VoiceChat/Music v2.16.1

    BoostedAudio is a web-based plugin that provides proximity chat and music/sfx streaming with self-webhost with great performances. Now compatible with Bungeecoord, Velocity and Folia, multi server. Main features: Web page fully customizable Self-WebHost with audio file manager (You can also...
  15. Automating

    Unique License Management System v1.0.5

    Demo: https://vuhp.vanityproyect.fun/Unique/ How to install? 1. Puchase and Download files. 2. Upload files to your host/vps 3. Connect your config.php with your mysql and create one table on mysql. 4. Join to your site and login, And successfully, All site installed. IS REQUIRED LICENSE ON...
  16. VerseScripts

    Modular fivem-focused website v1.0

    Why do i need a website? Having a decent website for your server can greatly increase the number of players you attract. Credibility is increased by a visually appealing and user-friendly website that highlights the special features and gameplay of your server. It serves as a focal point for...
  17. VidaNova

    0ms.sh | Hosting company [exclusive]

    Hey! I'm here to sell a full hosting "company" with brand, domain, design & website. Minimum price is 800€. If you are interested in the product send me a message through discord so we can talk more about it - there are more sections in the pages attached below. Also, since it's exclusive...
  18. 0x8slash

    My Brief Introduction

    Hello everyone, My name is Slash and I'm a web developer based in Cairo, Egypt. I have over 2+ years of experience building custom websites and web applications using technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Firebase, etc. Some of my areas of expertise include: •Building responsive websites...
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