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  1. KibbaX

    Server Website v1.0

    DESCRIPTION The server website is a comprehensive online platform designed to provide essential information and functionality to users of the server community. Featuring dedicated sections such as Home, Vote, and Staff pages, the website serves as a central hub for players to engage with...
  2. jeeringsole

    EVLBOX Game & VPS Hosting -- Don't sleep 💤 on our high quality and affordable services - 5 US Locations - 1 EU Location

    Website: TrustPilot: Support Discord: 🌟 🎇New Customer Offer🎇🌟 Take 40% off your first order from EVLBOX with coupon code "BUILTBYBIT"* *Excludes dedicated servers, and some Outlet VPS plans...
  3. VirtueHost

    Virtue Host - New Minecraft Hosting Company!

    Hey there, awesome folks of BuiltByBit! I'm thrilled to dive into this vibrant community and introduce myself. It's fantastic to be surrounded by fellow innovators and creators who share a passion for pushing boundaries and crafting incredible experiences. At Virtue Host, we're all about...
  4. Cubic Development

    Cubic Developmnet | Web development | Cheap prices | High quality | Fullstack

    Join Discord Youtube Our Products Dm me cubicdev
  5. polarline

    All-In-One Shoppy Website Template v1.0

    Introduction The All-In-One Shoppy Website Template ( allows you to display Shoppy products on your own personal site. This template comes with many customizable features, including: color scheme, social media icons, SEO optimization text, custom hero section description, and more...
  6. Lewis Raybould

    Premium Portfolio v1.0

    Are you a freelancer looking for a premium website to showcase your portfolio to clients? I've got the perfect template for you. Website Features: Clean and Organized Design Guaranteed Perks Display Services Offered Section (with hover animations) Portfolio Gallery Page Contact Me Page Terms...
  7. ThisSkid

    Making Free Websites.

    I will build you a free website as long as its not to complex (1-2 page website) will not be adding plugins for the website you can add them after i build the website and send you the template. I'm doing this so I can get some practice and use the templates that I build for people as examples...
  8. PG Bhai

    Personal Portfolio Showcase Website v1.0

    If you are looking for a fast and awesome website to showcase your works and portfolio. You are at a right place. This website template contains your needs. Website Includes Home About Me Services My Skills My Work Testimonials (Reviews) Contact Me Included Files Template BG Video...
  9. Automating

    CUZIAMWEB | Personal Website Template v1.2

    Are you looking for a fresh website template for your personal website? We got you! For only 7,99€ you get a complete template for your personal website! With project section, contact section, about me and even services page! In the zip file you get the website (html) and a readme file, where is...
  10. UberStudios

    UberStudios Graphics ⭐️ Website Mockups ⭐️ Logos ⭐️ Trailers ⭐️ High Quality & Affordable

    View my portfolio for more pieces here: Portfolio (New site coming soon) View my creative pieces on my Instagram: Instagram My shop is current OPEN! Add me on discord to place an order: My discord: UberStudiosHD#9360 My discord server: Uber's Discord
  11. Alnz

    Brandable domain name

    hello, im trying to sell this brandable domain name: registrar: porkbun possibilities: honestly it got so many possibilities, for example it can be a website builder (something like wix, or a host, or a web agency.....) [BIN]: $50, [SB]: $10, [BI]: $3 If you're interested dm me...
  12. Kraqy

    ☁️ Server Development / Server Setup ☁️

    Hey, do you need a full Minecraft server setup or a plugin made for cheap? Well, you came to the right place! I'm Kraqy. I have a lot of coding experience, and I am looking to expand my creativity and knowledge to a platform with many users. I have been working with Java, Python, and C++ for 5...
  13. Noah Weerwag

    Wordpress Clean And Responsive website for €50

    Hello, I’m Noah I make Clean and Responsive Wordpress website for a low price I already made 20+ Wordpress websites here is a example If you are interested add me on discord Flxzy#0526
  14. StrikesDev


    Hi there, thank you for looking at my offer, i am new to this platform or website (MC Market), and i want you to introduce myself. Name: Lowell (information hidden) Age: 19 Where do i live: Philippines What grade i am: Freshmen College Student [INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY] How long you offering...
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