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  1. Lane Bucher

    Looking for aspiring Journalists or Bloggers

    Hello BuiltByBit, my name is Lane Bucher. I currently run a Technology focused news blog called KineticTech ( and yes don't worry we're still upgrading the site). Currently, I'm outputting about 2 high-quality articles per day plus a daily newsletter. Alone, I can keep up...
  2. K

    ServerHost.Games Cheap and Quailty Servers

    ServerHost.Games Low Costs Quality Panel Fast Speeds DDoS Protection Support All storage on SSD's Hosting: - Rust Hosting Starting from $15/monthly - Minecraft Hosting Starting from $2.50/monthly -FXServer/FiveM Hosting Starting from $3.50/monthly Location: Eastern US...
  3. WaveDev

    WAVEDEV -> ✅ Premium Plugins ✅ Full Time Software Engineer ✅ Affordable Prices ✅

    Hi there! I'm Wave I'm a full time software engineer from the UK! I have been coding plugins for over 7 years and currently work as a Software Engineer at a firm in the UK! I am here to offer you industry standard code at affordable prices! Experience With: Redis MySQL MongoDB DynamoDB Java...
  4. PG Bhai

    Personal Portfolio Showcase Website 1.0

    If you are looking for a fast and awesome website to showcase your works and portfolio. You are at a right place. This website template contains your needs. Website Includes Home About Me Services My Skills My Work Testimonials (Reviews) Contact Me Included Files Template BG Video...
  5. Ch4r0n

    Charon | Personal Website 1.0

    Features that website provides: Type writter effect on preloading website Geolocation in preloading website Video for background (Changes on refresh) Song in background (Changes on refresh) Blur effect over video for cool look Type writter effect on paragraph under big text Constantly changing...
  6. R

    [Offering] Nugget Designs | RamseyOfficial#2717

    Nugget Designs ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ Looking for any; Web-related services, Graphics, Minecraft development, Premade Stores, Contact me via Discord for further information regarding the above services!:)
  7. R

    Staff Management | Server Staff | Nugget Designs | Discord Services | RamseyOfficial#2717

    Hey, I'm Ramsey! Staff Services: INTRODUCTION As stated above, my name is Ramsey. I've been in and out of staffing Minecraft servers for 5 years. Having said that, I'm the ideal person you're looking for if you're searching for Administrators/Staff Management or just staff members in general...
  8. Mason.King

    🔥 Ignite Studios | Web Development

  9. Kamiz

    Sellix Website Template 1.0 Do you need a site for your Sellix store? I present to you template. It has 8 sections (navbar, header, about section , shop section, FAQ section , reviews section, terms section and footer. The languages used in it are: HTML, CSS, and JS. The template is made with a modern...
  10. Yonut

    Sellix, Shoppy, Sell app - Website 1.0.2

    Easy to setup Fast support Optimized Modern design Responsive Fully configurable Live chat 👀 LIVE Product images & Hero illustration from images / live are not included. The package besides the website contains also an installation and troubleshooting guide.
  11. KabayoV

    Cheap MINECRAFT PORTAL landing page

    Hey guys, Kabayo here I am a new HTML/CSS developer and I am offering cheap minecraft portal/ landing page please contact my discord - Kabayo#1337 delivery will be within 1-3 days depending on how you want your minecraft portal/landing page to look the complicated it is the more days it'll take...
  12. CuziamNoah

    CuziamWeb | Personal Website Template 1.1

    Are you looking for a fresh website template for your personal website? I got you! For only 6.99€ you get a complete template for your personal website! With project section, contact section, about me and even services page! 100% responsive design Contact, about me, projects and reviews...
  13. CuziamNoah


    This is my first product here on BuiltByBit. I hope that you like it. This is just the right product for your Minecraft server! For only 4.99€ you get a complete website template. 100% Customizable! Included: Rules Page ToS Page Imprint Page Privacy Page How to join section Social Links FAQ...
  14. Voxtility

    Selling 1 Page Host Website $2.99

    Contact Me: ollieball#4398 (preferred) [email protected]
  15. Coldfire

    Cobalt Theme for LeaderOS v1.0.0

  16. NiksaBakerule

    Portfolio website template 1.0

    A high quality website template for a cheap price. U are buying all the files of this website that u can edit later on and it is fully customisable. If you need help with anything, you can add me on discord (NiksaBakerule#3958) and I will solve your problem. The file cointains: -the html code...
  17. Zamas

    [Osiri's Team] | Design responsives and backend support | Quality | We work with React and another frameworks! | Imagine and we'll create

    Osiri's it's a new development team! We'r currently offering free static website to fill our portfolio. If you're interested DM here or send me a discord message ZamasG#3750 Greetings from Osiri's Team! 😉
  18. iVirus

    ProxyReport - Ticket system BETA-2.0

    Open/Close report in game Add reply on report Telegram bot to insert inside staff group. Website: click here to download After purchase open a ticket on discord ( and I'll give you the license key for the activation. Put jar file into bungeecord plugins and start...
  19. LeaderOS

    LEADEROS - Leaf Theme/4M Different Views 1.0.0

    This theme is made for LeaderOS software. Gale Theme Blaze Theme Cloud Theme
  20. Jozeph

    Looking for Server Website (Basic)

    I would like a website in similar style to the example provided, heres a few different details: I'd like a forest-kingdom theme, server name is Towny Legends for Towns theme. This includes hills sky tree house/building instead of logo there is just text on homepage, if possible enlarge a bit...
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