1. C

    Personal project website design (figma, photoshop, etc)

    Hi, I am a student and looking to enhance my back-end portfolio with small to medium sized functional apps/websites. Although, design is not my strongest point so I am looking for help with the design aspect. I have an idea on a website which to sum it up, is an all in one website where you can...
  2. Host

    NextJS TypeScript Hosting Template v1.0

    NextJS (TypeScript) Hosting Website Template WHMCS Integration (Product Fetching, Contact via Ticket) Tutorials / Guide Page For Visitors Legal Included (Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, SLA) Dockerfile Included! Dynamic ReCAPTCHA Ready Easy To Modify All assets to the website are included...
  3. Felixar.exe

    Scribbly Web v1.0

    Scribbly is a web application built with Next.js and Prisma that allows users to create and manage their digital journal. With a user-friendly interface powered by Radix UI and Shadcn/UI components, Scribbly makes journaling a breeze. It includes features such as customizable reminders, secure us...
  4. Lofi

    Minecraft Landing Page v1.1.0

  5. MiiRea

    WHMCS Discord Auto Role Customizable v2024.1

    DESCRIPTION Auto give chosen role to clients when linked their discord to whmcs billing. role will be revoked when discord is unlinked. INSTALLATION Just follow the intructions (EASY) SUPPORT
  6. ArnVG

    Simple/Clean Sellix Website Template v1.0

    Please note that this is a standalone website using the API of sellix and not a theme. Are you looking for an affordable and clean website design to sell your Sellix products? Look no further! Our solution offers a sleek, minimalist website that emphasizes simplicity. Sometimes, less is more...
  7. SeguEF

    🌟 Super Customizable React Website for your Minecraft Server!

    Use full screen for a right view. Ultra customizable website for your Minecraft server! Once purchased, you can contact me for style changes or improvements you desire. Contact me for more information and prices!
  8. Anthony S

    DDevs - SourHost Game Hosting v1.0

    This website has been crafted by the owner of sourhost - royalhenry We have been given permission to sell this product for a very cheap price! Features of this website: Mobile Optimized Minecraft Themed Cool FaQ and About us section Amazing landing page! Thanks and its owner for...
  9. Anthony S

    DDevs - Hosting Website Template v1.0

    Need a custom Website for ur gamehosting service? Check out what DDev's created from the ground up! Mobile Optimized Easy To Edit Clean And Modern UI Support 24/7 Bug fixes on demand ( if found any ) We hope u will like it!
  10. ciemnykoksu

    Minecraft server & web status v1.1

    Minecraft server & web status 3D models are from sketchfab: Bee, Fox. Advanced Minecraft server status website with Discord webhook notifications when a server or website is down, 3D background animations, and much more. Technologies: React, Vite, Tailwind CSS, Express JS Important! This site...
  11. tobilol

    Fate Forms - Discord Webhook vUpdate 1.1

    Fate Forms is a Custom Forms page. You can create your own questions and change everything about this form in the configuration file by default it's a Staff Application. When someone submits a form post it will be sent to a discord channel with a discord webhook. LIVE PREVIEW IS UP...
  12. Spacelor

    Developer Website Template v1.0

  13. ciemnykoksu

    Minecraft landing page v1.0

    This site is designed to provide you with a comprehensive overview of what we offer, making it easier for you to immerse yourself in the world of Minecraft with us. Upon entering the site, you will be greeted by a dynamic and colorful design that reflects the exciting and creative atmosphere of...
  14. Analyticus

    Looking to sell website: upload.Works

    Hey BBB. At upload.Works, we help make adding file uploading to your website a breeze. We're looking to move on to future endeavors with website-hosting and would love to sell our site to somebody willing to maintain it. Learn more about Includes: Fully...
  15. GeniusWolf

    Rear | Unique Website Template v2024-06-25

    Important! This is not a functional website, it is just a template (HTML + CSS) that you can modify however you want. Home Page Terms AdminTeam Login Settings Details Responsive Sticky navbar User menu Dropdown menu Support If you have any question or any problem, write...
  16. HypeStudios

    🚀🍀 [500 VISITORS/DAYS]

    🌟 Discover TopMinecraft - Your Ultimate Destination to Find the Best Minecraft Servers! 🌟 Looking for the biggest Minecraft servers? Look no further! At TopMinecraft, we rank the best servers based on their votes. Whether you're a player seeking new adventures or an admin wanting to promote...
  17. Spacelor

    Venux | Hosting Website Template v1.0

  18. Nico1as

    Resupply - Unique Personal Portfolio v1.0

    Resupply - Unique Portfolio Unique but stylish! Brings out the unique factor of every individual in the community. Use this website to introduce yourself to Business Owners, Managers or send your portfolio to your friends and show off. Discord Support We offer support for any...
  19. GGGEDR

    Discord Bot Website v1.0.1

  20. Nico1as

    Resupply - Personal Portfolio - 5 Colors v1.0

    Resupply - Personal Portfolio - 5 Colors With a simple but unique style, this portfolio template is exactly what you need to start off strong in the Minecraft industry. Use this website to introduce yourself to Business Owners, Managers or send your portfolio to your friends and show off...