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  1. smargi

    Smargi's Youtube designs shop (very cheap) (thumbnails/banners/logos) (free thumbnail for first 4)

    Hey if you want to contact me add me on discord: Smargi#7312 Thumbnails: 0.5$ (first 4 to contact me will get for free) logos: 1.5$ banners: 3$
  2. JoofyLooby

    Looking for people with knowledge in blockbuster, aperature, metamorph mods! YOUTUBE PARTNERSHIP OPPORTUNITY

    Hi everybody! I am a long-time Minecrafter who recently started up my YouTube channel and I have been making cinematic-style minecraft videos on YouTube. So far, I have been using nothing but replay mod, shaders, and my friends to help in my videos. Recently, I watched a video by AntVenom who...
  3. niemieckiboss


    Discord: Niemiecki#5419
  4. ADVeX123

    ZedarMC Media Program

    Hello! ZedarMC is looking for small content creators to expand our media team. (Youtubers, Tiktokers, Twitch Streamers) We will provide special channels in our 25k+ member discord where you can post your video you made about our server. Depending on Subscriber amount and views you may be...
  5. V

    [REQUESTING] YouTube Manager

    Hello, Im looking for an expierenced youtube manager who can help with setting up a new youtube channel, create a network (of people) and help with growing of my channel. We can have a business call on discord for more information. Discord: Vuurton#3066 Kind regards, Vuurton
  6. S

    7,6K SUBS YouTube Channel For Sale *CHEAP*

    7,6K Subs Channel for sale PRICE: 30 EUR NEGOTIABLE ONLY PAYPAL F&F! contact: str3ss#6605
  7. NameAidan

    Hiring Video Editors | Atrox Marketing

    With an overwhelming demand for the services Atrox Marketing offers, there has come a need to expand once again. This time around, we are looking to hire Video Editors - the main editing would be done for TikToks & YouTube Shorts. In other words, short-form content (max 30 seconds) as this is...
  8. V

    [Requesting] Youtube Minecraft related channel

    Heyya, I'm looking for a youtube channel what is ready to monitize or monitized earlier with minecraft/gaming content. No guideline strikes and no bad name history. Want to sell to me? Let's discuss! Discord: Vuurton#3066 PS: We can use a MM if we both have no rep.
  9. Kollective MC

    Looking to partner with small time Streamers and Youtubers for 1.18 Semi Vanilla Survival

    Hello there! We are Kollective MC, a new Semi-Vanilla survival server looking to partner with small Streamers and/or Youtubers to help bring attention and new players to the server. We may negotiate a per hour of stream or per video basis pay which we will offer based on past views and current...
  10. ProjectDoge

    Looking for Cheap advertisement options for my Minecraft Server.

    I am running a 1.18 Minecraft factions server with a lot of different custom features with many more planned. If you are interested DM me on discord (Doge#1221) your channel and your prices.
  11. OfficialMASTER


    WildLandMC [1.8 - 1.19] (Recommend Version 1.18.2) currently consists of Skyblock, we plan on expanding our servers and prisons is already in the talks, Swoochy who is the owner, is the only one that works on the servers, we are recruiting helpers + Private BETA testers, helpers have the...
  12. NameAidan

    [FREE] Thumbnail Design

    Yes, the title says it all. Looking to build a thumbnail design portfolio. Contact me if interested and we can discuss further details - Aidan#3858 Thumbnails can be in any sector.
  13. B


    im selling my youtube channel - you can reapply for monetization after payment i'll give u full email access to account Ways of promotion: Organic taking $50 paypal how to buy? contact me on discord - dead#6424
  14. Topzie

    ⭐️ SELLING | YOUTUBE CHANNEL |19.600 Subscribers ⭐️

    Hi, I am selling a youtube channel. It has 19,600 subscribers. For more info please hit me up on discord. Discord: Topzie#7663 - Topzie
  15. SillyJohn

    Small Minecraft YouTuber [2.9K Subs]

    Hi all, name's John, I'm 20 and from England. During lockdown I set up a YouTube channel and was streaming the mobile game Lords Mobile. Over 3-4months I built my channel to just over 3K subs. Since the end of lockdown and going back to work I neglected the channel and eventually stopped...
  16. Baylee

    YouTube Channels for Sale

    Selling YouTube channels with a ranging amount of subscribers / views. Add my discord for further info - baylee#2222
  17. niemieckiboss


    yo Im selling yt channels 1000-3000subs + aged Contact: Discord: Niemiecki#5419 / Telegram: @tgniemiecki
  18. jrcrash

    ✔ VIDEO EDITING SERVICE ✔ Crash's Video Editing

    Didn't feel like making a big graphic as everyone else does, so I'll just cut to the chase. Doing Youtube video editing with quick delivery time and good prices. Contact me on Discord at crash#8728 (y)
  19. Caztron

    Rome wasn't built in a day ... Rome SMP ... HIRING CONTENT CREATORS

    Hi All! Verona SMP is a small community survival server with a small, welcoming, and growing player base. It is set during the time of ancient Rome, and people work jobs to make money and rank up in society. Learn more here. As we look to expand, we would like to hire some YouTubers and other...
  20. PyroFT

    BossCraft Network (needing a trailer made)

    Hello, my name is Pyro! I am the founder of BossCraft Network, LLC. I am looking to get a trailer done! Please, drop portfolios or examples of your work and discord! If I approve of your work I will add you and we can talk business! Thank you!
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