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Hello there my name is Connor, you have probably seen a threads like this millions of times on the lovely MC-Market community, what makes me any different from them? Well as I assume you are reading this you have stumbled upon my thread.

You're probably wondering what are my motives? What makes you any different from the others? First of all my name is Connor, I am an experienced staff member and have worked on many projects, I like to think of myself as a thriving individual who wants to do the best that he can in his career. I am a 16 year old community manager and system administrator looking for work, although I am still growing reputation wise I would be a great addition to any of your server’s or projects. I have a variety of skills and a long list of experience, I feel I can work to my best abilities to help you and your server, my customer's or client’s satisfaction always comes first.

I believe I offer a unique and quality services to those in need.

My Staffing Experience
Here is a short list of just a few communities I have worked for:

MineCorner - Minecorner is an Australian hosted HCF/Practice server that averages around 80 players. I was promoted to Trial-Mod on the 23rd of April, and was promoted to Moderator at a later date. This was my most recent staff positions, but definitely an important one. MineCorner taught me many things that will benefit me in my career. MineCorner taught me how to Screenshare suspected hackers insanely well and taught me moral respect, responsibility and how to deal with a large community whether it be in support room or just ingame.

LoneWolves - Lonewolves is a factions/prison hub server owned by YouTuber Jeruhmi. I was staff on there for 2 years, back when the server was in its prime. I was promoted to Helper on that server in about 2014 and back when the server was booming. When I was promoted to Moderator the server was at an all time high with the server averaging at around 250 - 300 players daily. The server taught me many things like quality player support, dealing with players and honesty. Me being staff on LoneWolves was an awesome experience and will always be in the back of my mind.

OriginalHCF - OriginalHCF was a HCF server owned by a friend named Revamp. The server was up for 2 maps which didn't last long to be honest. I was promoted to Admin/Staff Manager on this server. This was a key experience in system administrating because I learnt many crucial skills to being a hierarchy staff member. I had to help the owner with bug fixes which I can do very well. Being staff on OriginalHCF was a great success because I had to interview staff and choose candidates for the team, with over 100 players applying. This experience really helped me to grasp the knowledge of being a hierarchy staff member, having to deal with admin work whilst remaining calm when players got upset, angry or needed support.

I now hope you have gotten to know me better than before and I am looking forwards to working with new peers doing the thing I love and have a passion for, regards Darth.

I am not currently offering any vouch copies as I have stated my experiences and the owners of the servers can vouch for this, also I have reputuble members who can Vouch for me.
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This thread has been locked.
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