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Hi friends,
Happy holidays! Today we have two initiatives launching: a community giveaway where you can win prizes and a trial of a referral programme where you can earn free account upgrades.

Advent Calendar Giveaway

An advent calendar is used to count down from December 1st until Christmas on the 25th. This holiday season, we’re hosting daily giveaways in the form of an advent calendar, where each day, we will release a set of giveaways that will last for just 24 hours each. Never before has there been such a huge giveaway catered towards Minecraft server owners. Due to the generosity of our community, we have over 1,700 individual prizes to give out, with a total value of over $50,000 USD. Prizes include credit to hosting companies, significant commission discounts, licenses to paid resources, Discord Nitro subscriptions, cash, novelties such as a custom mechanical keyboard, British confectionary hampers, and more!​
Prize list
For 25 consecutive days starting today, we will be starting a handful of giveaways. The list of prizes isn't public yet, but I can give you a sneak peek! Here's what we're giving away in the first 3 days of our advent calendar:​
And this is only the beginning! There are 22 more days yet to be revealed, and the value of the prizes will be growing each day until Christmas, when it will culminate in huge gifts that you definitely don't want to miss.​
How to enter
There are no requirements to enter, and you don’t even need to be a current member of our site! The giveaways are being held in our Discord, so of course, you must be a member of our Discord server. A majority of people who enter giveaways daily will win a prize as we typically receive ~1,000 entries to our giveaways and have 1,000+ prizes to give away so far this month.​
Once you’ve synced your BuiltByBit account, head over to the #giveaways channel. Simply read through the list, look at the prizes available, and click each reaction for prizes you want to win. The following day I’ll announce the winners at the same time as posting the next giveaway, so there’ll always be one running til Christmas. There’s no catch, as you're not required to spend any money to enter or to redeem your prize once you win. You're able to win multiple prizes throughout the month, but we'll be prioritising wins from users who haven't yet won anything before. Please only enter giveaways for prizes that you actually want to win because if you win a prize and don't claim it, you're just preventing someone else who wanted it from winning.​
Thank you to our contributors
Only a handful of prizes are being given away by us. The overwhelming majority of prizes that are being given away are from generous contributors in our community. A current but non-exhaustive list of our generous contributors is as follows:​
Dann, Bloom Host, JasmeowTheCat, Realms Hosting, VogelSpotter, Rejsik_, Rj, UElitez, AzuraHosting, Meoow, VertCodeDev, Codixer, cotin, Diz, EliteCreatures, _Mad, TiMyTi11, RileyN, Mycri, Epic Central, BreadBuilds, GeorgeV22, BGHDDevelopment, BOOP, Keystone Builds, MelleJunior, Mikel, NEZNAMY, Nm Hosting Ltd, Sloter, falceso, Coldfire, Zorino, Kuchy, LeeGod, Spaceley, DocDrewskii, FaceSlap_, Elb1to, fizz, Hembessy, Lucid, TripleZone, xnn, PepijnWeijers, thomaskeig, DevilPumpkin, Hyronic Studios, Keenan, Partydragen, Patrick, pramsing, Sprisa, Akash., Luigical, SobkySK, XylemPhone, RezzoMC, Negative, Lollipop56, nidzoo, Aelin, ThesKye, Tofty, MissAnnie, ArrowTan, Inviss, Stax95, xIsm4, Automating, Hannes, xMarkus, Tini, PremadeSetups, Tiptronic, Mazapan, OHMelin, Revenant.exe, LuukW, BigfootChase, iXmax, mineCodes, MrLimor, Muntder_IQ, PLAXIMA, qSeek, CHOOSEIT, and Smiil3_
If you’re interested in making a contribution to our giveaway to be a part of history, then it’s not too late! Please tag me in our Discord to let me know that you’d like to make a contribution, and I’ll invite you to our secret channel for contributors. Read more about making a contribution here.​

Share the Giveaway with Friends for Free Account Upgrades

Want to let your friends know about our huge giveaways this month? We’ll reward you with free account upgrades for doing so!​
If you don't currently have a rank:​
  • Invite 2 people to get a free Premium upgrade (usually $10)
  • Invite 3 more people to get upgraded to Supreme (usually $25)
  • Each additional person you invite will earn you 1 month of Ultimate* (usually $7.50/month)
If you're currently Premium:​
  • Invite 3 more people to get upgraded to Supreme (usually $15)
  • Each additional person you invite will earn you 1 month of Ultimate* (usually $7.50/month)
If you're currently Supreme or Ultimate:​
  • Each person you invite will earn you 1 month of Ultimate* (usually $7.50/month)
*There’s no cap on the maximum number of months of Ultimate you can receive, but after the first 6 months you earn it'll become 2 invites per month.​
If you already have an upgrade, you’ll automatically begin working towards your next upgrade. If you’re currently unranked and invite 100 users, you will receive Premium, Supreme, and over 4 years of Ultimate for free. But be quick because we’re going to stop tracking referrals on the 10th of December!​
How to invite friends
To invite friends or your community, type !invites in #bot-commands to generate your unique invite link. You must invite people using the link shown after typing !invites for the referrals to count. The users you invite to our Discord must sync their BuiltByBit accounts and still be in the server at the end of the month for the invites to count towards your rewards. The top 10 referrers will also get an exclusive rainbow username colour for 6 months!​
The !invites command will also show you how many people you've currently got invited and how many are valid. On the 1st of January, we'll gift you the upgrades you've earned.​
Invite ideas
Everyone in the Minecraft community, especially server owners and staff members, can benefit from the prizes we’re giving away this month. Here are a few ideas of how you can make the most of this event to earn hundreds of dollars worth of upgrades for free:​
  • Invite your best friend: Reach out to your bestie and explain why it’d benefit you for them to join, and why they’d benefit from joining our Discord. Remember to use your unique invite link!
  • If you own a Discord server: Would your community appreciate knowing about our huge advent calendar giveaway? Whether they're your players or customers or friends, they probably would! Post an announcement with your invite link and explain that your community can win a prize from our 1,000+ unique prizes valued at over $30k.
  • If you’re staff on a Minecraft server: Post your invite link in your staff chat and tell other staff members about the huge giveaways happening. Bonus points if you get the server owner to join!
  • Update your Discord profile: Set your invite link to your Discord status or put it in your ‘About me’, encouraging people who look at your profile to join.
  • Share on social media: Share your invite link with your followers by tweeting or posting about all of the prizes available. Include why it would benefit people to join.
Even if a friend already has a BuiltByBit account, you’ll still get the reward from inviting them to our Discord server, so it’s worth encouraging them to join through your link. We will be manually reviewing all entries and will be disqualifying users we suspect of signing up alts or bots. We also will not be giving prizes to users who create extremely low-quality spam, such as mass-DM bots, and generally those who post in other communities in a way that breaks their rules.​

Thanks everyone, I hope you win something in our giveaway!
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