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Hello, I'm currently selling my Minecraft server " BlackListPvP ", This is a brand new server with no player base and donations, Its basically a pre-made server prepared to be launch, It comes with a server host with 2 weeks left on it, a web host with about a week on it, Also comes with a ultimate buycraft plan with about 3 weeks left on it and also a fully set up forums. It also comes with the domain ( Registrar : Name Cheap ). Also comes with a TeamSpeak server and a animated banner by Krypton Designs.

The story behind the server is that I was making it but than I noticed ever since I've started making the server my grades have been declining so once I noticed that I finished up the server in hopes of selling it for some quick cash to be able to buy some textbooks instead of running it myself.



Server Name : BlackListPvP
Buycraft ( W/ A TOS ) :
Forums :
Domain :
Server Host ( Game ) : ( Shockbyte) , Redstone Plan. $15 Per month with 6GB of ram.
TeamSpeak Host ( NFO ) : $2.99 Per Month
Website Host ( NFO ) : $2.99 Per Month

Server IP : ( Haven't setup the domain yet )
TeamSpeak IP :

The server is a variation of the factions game type " OP Factions ", Instead of explaining it It might be better for you to just check it out!, If you're interested in looking at all the kits and groups etc. Feel free to send me a PM and I can give you OP on the server for a short period of time to test things out.


Starting Price : $5
BIN : $50

I accept PayPal only.

Please, Do not comment anything not related to the thread. Please don't trash this thread.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.​
This thread has been locked.
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