Brainstorms configuraton services (5/5 vouch copies)

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About me

Hi, my name is Tom, and I'm new around the MC Market.
I've been configuring plugins to a high quality standard to quite some time, and now I've started to offer these services on a more public scale. Obviously, being a new member around here doesn't make me trustworthy in the slightest as I am not known, and I am intending on doing whatever I can to get the exposure and trust.

My services

I am able to configure all the plugins you need to a very good standard. You can work with me over Skype to get your the files the way you want them, in a real time conversation. I'm fast and efficient at configuring plugins, but I don't rush them. Should there be any part you are not satisfied with, I will edit it for you for no extra cost.

I have packages which are semi-premade, using free plugins, these packages will cost less then to have a package completely custom made to your specifications, but will still have the individuality for your server.
None of my server configurations come with builds.


1 basic configuration: $0.50
Basic plugins are defined by me as plugins which do not require a lot of time to configure to the extent that you want. A plugin which would require basic configuration would be
1 basic configuration + custom plugin messages: $0.75
Just note that some plugins do not have messages which can be edited. An example of this would be the plugin PermissionsEX.
1 advanced configuration: $1.00
Advanced configurations are plugins which take a lot more time and work to configure.
1 advanced configuration + custom plugin messages: $1.50

In game help: $0.50 - $2.00

If you need help with plugins in-game, for example, setting worldguard regions, with parenting, I can come and help you with that. Of course, I'll need the permission nodes for those plugins in order to help you, but you can simply remove them off me afterwards.

Crate key plugins and GUI based configurations on a slot to slot basis: $3.00 - 5.00
These files require lots of work and constant testing to create.
Semi-Premade server configurations

Coming soon

Fresh server configurations using plugins of your choice

Any gamemode: $15.00+ (Please note I am not a developer, and I only work with public plugins)
I will discount if I feel like there's not as many plugins, but the price will increase should your server require work.

The process
  1. You contact me
  2. We talk about the work required
  3. Pay 50%
  4. Work with me and I get the job done
  5. Join my test server to see the plugin(s) in action
  6. Pay the other 50%
  7. Receive files
I take pride in getting your configurations done in a fair time scale. Please allow up to 2 days for the harder plugins.

Vouch copies

Based on your rating and reputation is the package I offer a vouch copy for. Basic plugin configurations require less reputation than, for example, a crate key plugin.

Terms of service

No refunds are offered unless your service has been deemed by me as not satisfactory.
No payments are to be disputed.
All payments are sent through Paypal F&F
You will not redistribute or resell the setups / configurations without explicit permission from me.



[email protected]
ReliableSite: Dedicated Servers


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Good friend that I've owned a couple of servers with, great with configurations!
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