Bukkit coding help with multiple inventories

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Hey so I'm working a plugin for my self but I'm having some issues. To start I have my main class that extends java plugin and in my onenable I have my events being registered.

So basically
I have a class which implements command executor and listener and I have the commands setup everything is good. So I have it set so that if a player types /tntshop news it opens a gui / inventory which has a item with a display name and lore .
In another class I have a event handler (inventory click event) that checks if the player has clicked the item to set it to cancel and close inventory.
Now the problem.
So back in the class that creates the inventory I created a new item and added it to the inventory. And under that I created a new inventory. So I tried to call it in my event handler class if the player clicked the 2nd item that I made it would close there current inventory and open the new one but I can't call it. I've tried a bunch of things can't seem to get it to work. (This probably didn't make sense so if u need me to post pictures of code I can)

Can anyone help me for free -- maybe directing me how I can go about doing it -- I'm new to bukkit coding so yeah -- sorry if this seems stupid and it's easy to do --
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This thread has been locked.
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