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This will be a factions McMMO Gamemode based off of 3 month season. I need YouTubers to record for 3 months finishing up the season. Although I may not be able to pay you much I can offer you a fun experience like

(We will have different plugin styles each time, like for instance next map will be a custom plugin AcroAttributes)

Distinct Enemies: On my server we will have 2 distinct enemies which of course will be placed against each other. Now if we have a sustainable playerbase and we expand to a network we will place youtubers on all the servers and then have them sometimes have non youtuber enemies.

What this will do is create tension and replayablity. Having your favorite youtuber go against another means you will strive to make sure yours wins!
YouTuber Perks
We will discuss this in a private chat but for the most part you get your usual instant TP allowed 10.0 gamma etc.

Although I want a big 15k youtuber I doubt that is possible. As I had someone charge me $50 a video. That is not possible as I want my youtubers to stay til the end and well... Multiply 50 times 90. 4,500 is just too much to pay out of pocket especially in the early days. As our server gets bigger people will be paid more and youtubers may come on for free to play who knows! But what I am getting at is that for the first season we cannot pay you 1,000,000 XD but as time goes on your viewers will buy ranks giving you more income. Because the first season I will be taking 0% cut and all of it will go towards the server.​
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This thread has been locked.
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