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Update - 3/07/2021
DarkDZN officially closed for business - no longer accepting any commissions.


*By ordering any of my services, you agree to my Terms of Service*
*Please note: Any violation with my TOS, e.g, the removal of my branding without my explicit permission will result in the revocation of any support / help /service and is irreversible once you have been marked as a violating individual.*
*Please note that most themes inherit upon UI.X, and thus that is a prerequisite*

These are the Terms and Conditions on which DarkDZN will carry out work for you. "I", "we", "us" refer solely to "DarkDZN". We reserve the right to change these whenever, without notice.

1. Engagement
You automatically bind yourself to the following terms and conditions when you:
(a) Accept a Quote; or
(b) Give us written or verbal authorisation to commence on a project

2. Quotes and Prices
(a) The quotes and prices provided are based on what you as the client have described and the specifications of the project.
(b) If you request for something outside of your specifications during the service, we reserve the right to charge additional fees and costs.
(c) The quotes and prices given, do not include website hosting, a domain or other services other than website designing and developing.

3. Content and supply of materials
(a) You are required to supply all the materials and information required by us to complete the work in accordance with any agreed specifications.
(b) If there is a delay to the supplying of the materials, that leads us to a delay in the completion of work, we have the right to extend any previously agreed deadlines.
(c) You also agree to indemnify us and hold us harmless from any claims or legal actions related to the content of your website, as you must obtain permission to use graphic images, logo images, or any other material supplied to us.

4. Project Delays & Service
(a) The estimates for work completion are subject to the supply of materials necessary to complete the website.
(b) We reserve the right to cancel or delay a project if we fell it is necessary to do so.
(c) If you do not respond for over 48h, your service may be terminated.

5. Payment
(a) A minimum of 100% of the total project cost is required before work commences.
(b) There are no refunds for change of mind or under any circumstances unless we see appropriate. All designs are sold 'as-is', and buyers should undertake their own research when purchasing.
(c) Any fraudulent actions regarding unauthorised chargebacks etcetera through PayPal will be dealt with harshly.

6. The use of 3rd party software, frameworks or addons
(a) Any software, framework or addon must be provided by you, if you do not have a license or do not purchase one, then there may be project delays and ultimately cancellation.
(b) It is your responsibility to purchase and use your own licenses for the website.
(c) In the event that you do not have the prerequisites, i.e. Xenforo, UI.X etc, and decide to use nulled, leaked or cracked you automatically agree to indemnify DarkDZN from any liability over your website and agree to purchase the relevant licenses for them as soon as possible.

7. Maintenance and Support
(a) We will provide verbal or written support to all our clients who have purchased from us.
(b) Any client who requests for us to do any extra work may be subject to extra costs and charges.

8. Responsibility
(a) We shall not be liable for any loss or damage which you may suffer which is in any way attributable to any delay in performance or completion of our contract, however that delay arises.
(b) If data loss has occurred, you may be charged the full cost of the original project to recreate the site.
(c) It is your own responsibility to handle backups of your website, and in no circumstances, are we required to provide you with a backup if we decide to take one.
(d) If any blasphemous or obscene language is directed towards us, we reserve the right to terminate the contract, in these circumstances, the upfront payment will not be refunded.

9. Intellectual Property
(a) All the 3rd party software, frameworks and addons belong to their respective owners.
(b) Any custom code created by us beings solely to us.
(c) You may not distribute, lend, give or claim ownership or place the content on multiple separate websites.
(d) The site created is only valid for one domain, if you decide to transfer it, it must be deleted off the previous host.
(e) If you’d like to resell the website, you must contact me to obtain written permission.
(f) Branding is applied to all sites designed. If you remove our branding at anytime, we reserve the right to open a scam report to seek $50USD for branding removal regardless of whether you decide to reinstate the branding.
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Do you do PHP?


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Really recommend, he knows what he's doing and he provides an excellent job! Vouch.
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