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Hello MC-Market users! I am creating a FrostPunk Minecraft server!

Basically this server would be a first person inspired server of the game frostpunk, people have gathered around and created the last city after a catastrophic event.The entire world is now always winter, and player need to keep a generator running for warmth or they freeze to death, players will need to come up with food, water, supplies or they will end up on dying. Really harsh environments. I'm thinking there will possibly be professions such as miners who go mine materials for buildings and ores, coal for the generator, builders who construct stuff both hand made, and via pre made building spawn eggs (they can craft an egg that spawns a building), farmers who harvest and plant crops, tailors make clothing from reeds and wools/leathers. Not sure if ill include this or not but There would need to be some way to have weather actually affect people, hunger, thirst, tiredness/sleep deprivation. So if players are x distance away from a heat source they get cold and after a bit of being cold start taking damage, if you wear certain clothes you can last longer in the cold etc. There would be mobs that invade the city that would need to be fought off, weather storms. Maybe some form of temperature and depending on temperature depends on how long people can last out in the open.

Lore Writer
Idea Coordinator

Lore writer- You will be in charge of creating the story for the server. Please note that you will be provided with a basic outline of what we want and then it is up to you to come up with the rest.

Idea Coordinator- You will be assisting us with how to further implement ideas into Minecraft and as well come up with new ones! This is probably one of the most important things right now

Owner- The owner will be helping with fees. Keep in mind that I do have 1 other owner. We will be splitting the profits 3 ways. I do not require an upfront budget but please keep in mind that we do plan on splitting it all equally. The general quote on this server for development alone is over $500.

Lore Writer- Send in a story you have wrote.

Idea Coordinator- Not really any requirements but I will ask for some ideas you have come up with in the past. Thus how you will be chosen.

Owner- Age 16 or older, Must provide funds, Portfolio.

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This thread has been locked.
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