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Looking for Volunteer DeluxeMenus Maker | RPG Lore Immersion & Survival


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🎨 Looking for a talented member wanting to expand his DeluxeMenus portfolio! 🌌

First of all, thank you for reading this! I'm Talesu the Coordinator of this project and currently our
The development team is looking for some members who would assist in setting up the menus.

You'd work together with the Game Designers, Devs & Artists.
Artists would give you the textures, game designers would give you the concept.
The devs will be there to assist you as a last resort or on any questions you may have.

Our team is quite large and is composed of only volunteers, meaning the work is not paid.
Now that out of the way, the project settles place in a Time Paradox.
During the story, the player falls out of a different timeline and appears in a little town called Initia.

This town is where most of the story will take place, during the story there are a few threats that show up to give the player a sense of
goal and objective. One of the examples is that the player needs to recover the "lost memories" from the characters in Initia.

The story is a rabbit hole, the more you dive into the character to more you learn about
the character.

We're inviting talented members to the world of UnixMC, giving a story to the game and creating immersive lore and interactions for the players.

As a Menu Dev, you will:
🖌️ Bring the GUI's to life
🤝 Work alongside game designers and developers to discuss ideas.
🌟 Teamwork along with many other creative talents and create a unique project.

Join Our Team: discord.gg/unixmc

Take a sneak peek at our lab where your story will bring the characters to life!

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