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I do not offer vouch copies.
1, You contact me about what you'd like to commission me for, details and prefferably your budget.

2, We determine what it should look live and the cost of the art.
I'll come back to you with a sketch. Feel free to request any alterations as they are free at this stage to make it easier for us both. Once you're satisfied with the sketch, you'll have to pay a 50% downpayment to begin the progress.

3, I update you through the process, as much or as little as you want. Feel free to ask for the current state at any point.

4, A final image will be shown of the product and you'll have to pay 50% to recieve the final piece.

By commissioning me, you agree to these terms:

You are not permitted to:
Claim any artwork I've created as your own.
Redistribute / Resell art without my permission. This includes Sketches, update images and final products.
Chargeback or appeal for a refund.

You will be refunded if you cancel the order before I begin working on it or if I cancel it.
PDS's can be purchased for 20% of the price for the art.
All artwork will be sent as .png's unless requested otherwise (PDS's come at a fee).
Express purchases can be made for 20% of the normal price. The deadline would be within two days after full payment.

You will not be refunded if
You cancel your order after work has begun on it.
Your order has been completed.

I reserve the right to
Deny any order
Cancel your order at any time and you'd be refunded.
Request additional cost to any alterations after agreeing upon a sum if changes were to be made during the drawing progress.
Open a dispute with Paypal / Mcm if necessary.
Refuse any alterations to your drawing.
Use commissioned materials for my own purposes like protfolio, advertising etc.
Note: I'm not responsible for any deadlines not met if I didn't cause the delay. I need a reasonable time to work with and purchasing an express fee but not accepting the sketch until 3am on the due date, is not acceptable.

Discord: Mintychu#9180
The fastest way to contact me is to shoot me a pm![/SPOILER]


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