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Hello there,

My name would happen to be Maxx, and I'm currently looking for paid work as a server/community manager or administrator. I will work on any sort of server, but I think that I'm better off on a server that has a decent player base.
About Me
  • Live in United States (Eastern Standard Time)
  • Currently unemployed

EDawg878 Creative Minecraft Server
EDawg878 Creative was a very popular server back when I moderated (it isn’t so popular anymore). It used to max 800 players at high points of the day. I worked as a moderator there for exactly 399 days, until I resigned in June of 2014. It was there I gained most of moderation experience, from reporting, answering questions, and dealing punishments.

Torvius Custom Faction War Server
Before I start, Torvius was never actually released, however I felt the need to include it because I learned a lot there. Torvius was a project a friend and I worked on in the summer of 2015. We had purchased custom plugins and were ready to make the project come to life, but my friend backed out of it and we just stopped. I learned there the skills that I can bring here today, such as communication, teamwork, and organization.

ArcherPlays Minecraft Server
ArcherPlays was actually the first server I ever worked on. We had maybe 20 to 30 players online at the most, so nothing too impressive there. It was back then I really wanted to join the business server administration, so I offered to configure a few plugins for them. In a few months, I was the co-owner of the server. Now, I didn’t really want to include this one at first, but I think it was the beginning of something awesome.

PrimaNode Hosting
PrimaNode, oh how much I miss that place. PrimaNode was a hosting company that I worked for. Obviously, this barley fits here, but I wanted to share this still as I believe it’s made me who I am today, as the ones above have. I worked with clients to provide support whenever needed. However, most of the experience I’ve brought with me comes from just being part of the team. I learned more about the business atmosphere and other factors of professionalism.

Argolia Minecraft Server
Currently, I am the owner of the Argolia Minecraft Server. We used to be up and running with around 20 players on a time, but we had to shut down for a bit and we are currently working on new builds as well as a few other cool additions to the server. Eventually we will launch the server again, but right now it's mainly just building and designing quests.

Contact Information
Skype: maxxb567
E-mail maxxbrixner[at]gmail[dot].com
ReliableSite: Dedicated Servers
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