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Vouch, user provided me with a free server for a month. Server runs smoothly, and helped me with a few issues I had almost instantly! Would recommend buying if you have the money!

Big vouch! I recently bought a server from here and so far everything has been great with the server and support!

vouch, great servers

Vouch, his hosting has been good and he has been helpful!

I did some testing on the host, and the servers were really good. Highly recommend them.

Their website looks good and legit. Bought a 4GB Server from them and it's worth it. Also good support and the owner is good.

Vouch, amazing host company & owner!

I'm currently running a test server on 3gb of ram and I'm surprisingly not experiencing any noticeable lag.

Okay, I got to vouch for Dan, he's extremely efficient and reliant 3

Vouch, I've had a few problems and I've got help almost instantly, extremely cheap and no server-side lag. I recommend this host for anyone who is looking quality and economic prices at the same time.

This host is more then worth the price they put on their servers.

The server itself isn't laggy, and I'm looking forward to using this host for a couple of months. Vouch for them, definitely would recommend.

overall I would say great host and definitely recommend! Prices are great.

Amazing company and host and amazing support, have not seen a more properly functioning company on this market.

Vouch for Dann and Frank 24/7 support good people to talk with not toxic. I'm happy i found this hosting! Good people to talk with. :)

I love this host so much, their boot times are amazing, my server reboots in under 10 seconds with over 75 plugins, it rarely lags and also the support is amazing

Vouch for these guys, I speak to there System Admin Frank and he knows what he is doing and can easily help with problems. I can not tell you guys how good this host it, they have fast support and almost 24/7 uptime, you get a few mins where something may go down but not for more then 10-30min MAX as they respond quick to reports.

Good job guys. Best Host I have seen.

Vouch! PebbleHost is definitely the best host I've ever used! I've never had any downtime. They always help you out, even with stupid questions, that I ask sometimes. xD They have resolved my ticket, in under 15mins!

100% Recommend them!

Vouch great company! Their discord is helpful and the owners are there when you need help.

Vouch, currently conversing with them are a great bunch of people. Would recommend!

Vouch for Aloneee! Fast Support and great Servers!

Vouch for Aloneee! Shows his node stats :D!

Huge Vouch -

Currently hosting 3 test servers with these guys on their 'Budget Hosting' - works perfect

Vouch for this Host. Their servers and support are EXCELLENT, 10/10

Vouch, great service! quick and instant setup, and scrvice as promised!
and a great support team3

Vouch! Proffesional, cheap and 100% reliable! Great ticket response time and staff, keep up the great work!

Amazing service, server has no lag, great support goes above and beyond anything asked for
Great server hosting, but support isn't great. I sent them a support ticket about having a problem, and then just asked for the server id. Once I gave it to them, then never responded.

Vouch for this host. Pretty impressed very fast discord support. Here is a review if anyone is interested.

Very good and cheap/low profit servers with great support and 100% uptime Would recommend

Using their 1$/GB host, for development and its amazing! Very friendly staff aswell, hooked me up with a MySQL database too! <3

Not sure if I've already left a vouch here, but if not I'm sorry it's so late.
HUGE vouch for PebbleHost. I've been with them for 6+ months thus far, and they are just an amazing company. They give a very high quality, cheap service, and Dan is just an all around amazing person and an even better CEO. I can't thank you guys enough for what an amazing experience you have provided me and all of your clients.

Pebblehost has been one of the best server hosts i have used. They have variants with budget servers, premium servers, dedicated servers and web hosting. The support on livechat and discord will be responded to within minutes with accurate and beneficial information. The servers are absolutely fantastic. Even the budget servers can handle almost anything you throw at them. They rarely ever restrict anything, your server, your freedom, affordable, i could go on for hours talking about how good they actually are.

Vouch, This is simply the best host I've ever had. The uptime is flawless and when it comes to the Customer Support, It cannot get any better. They respond almost immediately both on the website and Discord.

Vouch, Dann is the best and will help with nearly anything. Servers perform the same, if not better than the $15/GB mainstream hosting sites.

Yep! You got ma


Vouch for pebblehost, They work hard to please customers. Just need a bigger support team and then it would be amazing. But there current ones work very hard aswell.

Vouch for pebblehost! great support! When I was lagging the people there helped me by looking at my console and finding every way possible to fix the lag. Very dedicated staff members. Good hardware and good performance.

Bought from this company, very fast support and amazing quality.

Great host for a budget price. Really hope others choose Pebble as well. Discord ticket support is like, 2 minute wait time. Ticket support on website is like 12 hours usually... versus my old host, where it's taking... about 50 days and counting for my current ticket which was over 2.5x the price of this!
Thanks Dan!

Vouch for Dan/Pebble Host! Currently Sponsored by them! Awesome people to work with!

Vouch for PebbleHost. Amazing performance at affordable prices.

Complete, total vouch for Pebblehost. Been partnered with them for a bit and while seeing Pebbles business go on for about a month, I have to say it is a wonderful host. Vouch

Been using Pebblehost for almost a year and the support is great with both on the billing support and on there discord if any issues I have had they fixed it within minutes server performance is great and I don't plan on changing any time because of both prices and server performance.<3:tup:

Vouch for pebblehost, I have used it for over a month now and it performs amazing for how insanely cheap it is, looking forward to use it more.

Currently using a 4GB server for testing plugins etc., runs smoothly and great considering I bought the budget plan.

The best provider for Minecraft servers that I've ever used.

Vouch, been using Pebblehost for many months and more to come, they've never failed in both the server performance and support. Love it, keep up the great work guys!

Huge vouch for this company, I host my server, website and dev server with them, the support team is amazing, responding within minutes.

Got to say, this is one of my favorite hosts I have ever used :D

Vouch, I've tested several hosts before and by far this host has been the best. I was able to run ~80 players on an 8gb (Premium) without any problems and without the tps dropping below 19 with 18 plugins. Although I'd say the Avg. Response Time being under 10 mins is a bit of an exaggeration, from my experience the average was about ~30 mins.View attachment 242233

Vouch. For these prices, you aren't going to find better hardware or support. Honestly, for main brand name hosts, you can't even find this good of support. If your looking to start a server or network, this is the host to use, they don't oversell, and they display their node stats.

Vouch, Used This Service To Host My Test Server The Last Two Months

Easily best host, Support is amazing. plus Dann smells good

Vouch! I purchased their services recently and I am really happy with the UI/UX as well as the speeds / prices! Great work Dann

Vouch! provide fast Support, Fast Service and Of course Quality Servers! - I'm using them and will keep using them!

Vouch for dan, great host owner <3

I received a vouch copy server from Dann for a few months which I've been playing 1.14.4 survival with my girlfriend on and it's been pretty excellent so far. Even though I'm in Australia I've had no lag whatsoever and have never had issues. For how inexpensive the hosting is, I was surprised when Dann was able to load a backup when the server was griefed by some randoms too.

I was expecting a good server from Pebblehost and that's exactly what I received, I'm very happy and will be paying for an extension once my vouch copy duration ends.

Reading through all of these responses reminded me that a lot of the servers I play on use Pebble Host. I can confirm that the servers (that I've played on at least) are lag free 99% of the time, and the 1% of time they aren't it usually because of user error.

Vouch, I worked with Pebble in the past when creating a server with an IT Specialist

Been using their hosts on my test server, works fine never had any problems. Amazing support and all-around an amazing Hosting Company.

Overall, vouch for Pebble. Exceptional hosting at affordable pricing.

For small servers, Pebblehost is a fantastic option. I know some people haven’t had the same experience as myself, but I can personally say from what I’ve experienced it’s a solid 5/5.

Hugh vouch for pebblehost and Dann.
I buy a 3GB Host and its works perfectly and when i confirm the payment its instantly.

Been using Pebblehost for awhile now. Great servers and everything, only complaint is I havent really had a blast with the support team. While they arent mean, they are sometimes really sluggish (one example is I had to bug them for about 4 or 5 days to update the jars). All in all though, good host

I really love the panel, so neat and fast. I am still hoping that you guys will be able to provide an asia node. Super! Would recommend.

Pebblehost customer for about a month now, service has been amazing! Always doing giveaways on the discord.

Vouch, for Dann awesome dood, Pebble has grown quite alot since I've last used it I'll have to try it out since it's grown. The customer service was also good still hope all redeems up to now.

Vouch, I've had many servers with Pebble. You can't go wrong with their prices, performance is perfect, and support is on it. If you need an affordable and reliable host, Pebble is the place to be!

Vouch, only host that has 100% uptime and fast support.

Vouch, PebbleHost is an great hosting company! I have a MC server with them, tested their Discord bot hosting, and plan to add web hosting soon.

Dann, thanks for having such a great support team, company, and overall being a swell guy 3

Best Minecraft Hosting service in my opinion.

Douuu amazing!
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I have no clue if you are giving vouch copies out, but if you are could I obtain one? :)


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Maybe just 1GB just to test it out and see how fast the server runs etc.


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Vouch, user provided me with a free server for a month. Server runs smoothly, and helped me with a few issues I had almost instantly! Would recommend buying if you have the money!


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Hey Dude Quick question would you be able to do ts? Just the ts. And more slots?
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