Pokeheaven Pixelmon | [$10K+ IN DONATIONS] | INSANE POTENTIAL!

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Name: PokeHeaven Online

Active Time - 1 year

Domain: pokeheavenonline.com

Total Donations Recieved - Over $10,000

Proof of Revenue:

Total Buycraft/Store Visitors since release - 3000

Complete, fully functional, and ready-to-use Discord Server - 350+ members

Why am I selling the server?

I've had my dreams set on Pokeheaven, having spent countless hours trying to perfect it. I've poured all of my efforts into making something the community will appreciate, and I've been content with the decent amount of success I've seen with it.

Though I wish to keep the server going by myself, a sudden lack of personal/free time and a deterioration in my health has led to me wanting to move the server into someone's more capable hands.

I've always wanted to see the server succeed, and so I know there's massive, incredible potential in this server. Just a little bit of dedication, clever promotion, and time could turn this server into something big again!

- 350 Members

- 1 Current Boost

- Roles Setup

- Bot Systems Configured

- Easy Access Layout

- Link: https://discord.gg/FnBXPWM

- pokeheavenonline.com

- Registered untill 4-8-2021

MC- Market isn't allowing me to upload files so for this you'd have to contact me on discord

- 80 Total Plugins

- 1 Custom Plugins (Currently not in use but you can get it if you want)
It is a team chat type of plugin where people can create their own ''groups/teams'' and have their own specific chat can only be seen by people who are in the group/tream. Source not included

- 9 Paid/Premium Plugins

NOTE: Plugin list will be available to interested buyers on request.

NOTE: Some plugins were sold as private plugins, we must discuss with developers about the transfer of ownership due to exclusive rights. If unwilling to transfer ownership, you will either be required to buy the plugin or drop it from the server.

- https://pokeheavenonline.buycraft.net/

- Transfer of Buycraft Ownership

- Buycraft Ultimate

- Subscription already paid forward up to February 2021

- Custom Buycraft Ultimate Theme

- Complete Tebex Setup

NOTE: All Buycraft and Tebex statistics are also available for view after purchase. They can be used to boost sales and find popular items. Link to Buycraft - https://pokeheavenonline.buycraft.net/

EDIT: I figured it would be best to make an appointment so I can show people who are interested around. So send me a PM on discord for that.

1. 1500x1500

- Completely Custom

- Exclusive Build

- Has biomes to act as a "Safari Zone"

2. 30000x30000

- Completely Custom

- Exclusive Build

- Terrain

- Acts as the main survival world

- Dedi Server

- Hosted at Reliablesite

- 54$ per month



- Google Forms (Applications, Contests, Etc)

- Voting Sites

- Emails (Custom Addresses)

BIN: 800$

Starting BID: 500$
Current Offer: /
Min. BID Increment: 50$

BIN could possibly be negotiable, looking for serious buyers who want to grow a really well-made server only.

Discord: Karp#4509
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Hey man,

Add me on discord, i run large server for a living: SuperCoolMomo#6268

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