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I would like some configs done.

I would like

a crackshot config

I need a 5 tier weapon system.
There should at least be a pistol, a sniper, an assault rifle, and a shotgun for each tier. Tier 1s should be the weakest guns, and be wooden tools. T5 should be the stongest and be diamond tools, t2 stone, t3 gold, t4 iron. Pistol should be axe, sniper hoe, assault pickaxe, shotgun shovel. Each one should be a unique weapon based off of a real would weapon. Feel free to add any other weapons you want. T5 weapons should NOT be dropped on death. All others should be dropped.

Ammo should be lapis, shotgun, rose red dye, sniper, cactus green should he assault, and purple dye should be pistol.

Colors for weapon names should be: t1 &e, t2 &6, t3 &a, t4 &d, t5 &b. All names should be bold. Lores should look nice and have the weapon tier, type, and damage.

a phat loots config

Players should be able to loot all weapons and armor. Each tier should be rarer than the last with t5s being something you have to grind loot for. Armor should correspond with the weapon tiers. Leather t1, chain t2, gold t3, etc.
Players should be able to loot xp bottles, food, water bottles, wood, cobblestone, brick blocks, crafting materials, & rare crate keys(t5 rarity)

A crates config
All crates should be quick crates.
Idc what rewards are, but each crate level (listed from lowest to highest above) has better chances for better rewards.

An airdrops config
Drop 30 airdrops around the map (ill set possible locations) once every 25 minutes. 20 crates should give food, t1-t4 guns, t1-t4 armor, a rare key, etc (bad loot)
The other 5 crates should give t5 guns and armor, legendary and mythical keys, and in-game money (between 10k-150k

An essentials (and group manager) config
Give all players a good set of perms, ill make changes as needed.
Helper, Jr. Mod, Mod, Sr. Mod, Staff Manager, Admin, Manager, Owner.
- Social spy
- /warn
- tempmute
- mute
- staff chat
Jr. Mod
- Vanish
- fly
- kick
- temp ban
- Ban
- invsee (no modify)
Sr. Mod
- Invsee modify
- ipmute
- ipban
Staff Manager
- manpromote
- mandemote
Admin, Manager, Owner
- all perms (will be opped)
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This thread has been locked.
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