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Banned forever. Reason: Scamming (,

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  • Sold an advertisement worth 550 joins for 20£ everything went smoothly. He will not fail to impress you. Really kind. And yeah, do not hesitate to make deals with him!
    Vouch - Very calm and relaxed guy and he is a very good helper. Overall a person that you can give your trust to.
    Vouch - Very friendly and responsive, sold him development of a custom Discord bot. Professional and trustworthy, was pleasant dealing with you!
    Strong vouch; sold him S***** ; transaction was simple and easy.
    Troi is probably one of the most knowledgeable people on this website, and he's actually willing to share it. Just had a call with him and I am convinced he is the guy for the job! Absolutely amazed
    Vouch, bought a discord server from the user, he went first. No problems whatsoever, very proffessional.
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