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Blocky Theme - Professional Tebex Theme 1.3

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Hello everyone! I bring another update for Blocky Theme that I would say is fairly important. If you have not updated to Version 1.3 please do so. Now I'm sure you have questions now so keep reading and those should be answered.

Why is this update important?
Unfortunately, due to a recent change in the icon library I use Fontawesome, created icon kits are only allowed 10k page views/month on their free plan. This is a rather large number but for someone like me who creates many websites for clients, this number can be broken easily. With their change, I'm no longer able to offer a preinstalled version of Fontawesome with the theme. There's good news though! I have made an easy way for you to add this in! All details on how to do this are in the provided Instructions.pdf file in the resource download. This file is also made for anyone who may be confused on how to install the theme to Tebex. Please look over this file and feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.
For those who have not updated yet, please do so as the current linked kit will no longer be accessible within 3 weeks of this update.

Package Requirements/Limits
This update isn't just for the Fontawesome change though! There were some bugs regarding package requirements and limits that were not squashed before. This update resolves the issue on your server players not being alerted about a package requirement or limit when attempting to purchase a package.

Custom Home URL text
You can now have custom Home URL text. Let's say you don't have a forums and want to link your discord server to your webstore instead. Well now, you can insert your discord invite link in the Home URL textbox and enter in the Home Link Text (new item) "Join our Discord". It's not just for Forums anymore!

  • Fontawesome Kit Link box in the Template Options
  • Home Link Text box in the Template Options
  • Detailed Instructions.pdf file

  • Players not being alerted about a package requirement/limit when attempting to purchase a package

  • layout.html
  • username.html
  • module.featuredpackage.html
  • checkout.html
  • subscribe.html
  • pending.html
  • schemaFile.json
  • blockytheme.min.css
This update provides fixes, new features, and quality of life improvements to Blocky Theme.

User Basket Menu

The basket menu can now be closed by clicking outside of the menu as well as clicking the "Close" button.

Package Action Clarity
Add 2 buttons to the package list emphasizing more clarity on the action of each button. New buttons, More Info, and Add to Cart/Subscribe now allow the user to have the option of viewing more information on the package or add it straight to their basket. Additionally, there's now 2 return buttons on the package description view for quality of life improvements.

Bug Fixes
Display issues occurring on smaller, height-wise, monitors. We all hate those annoying bugs.

Fixed Offline Server Player Heads
There's now support for Offline Servers Player heads. A new template setting was added to make it more clear on the Minecraft Server Type.

Fixed MC player head on non-MC games
Steve doesn't belong outside of Minecraft anyways... Logo of the game type now shows instead of a Minecraft player head.

Code Improvements
Removed some messy/Unnecessary CSS blocks

  • 2 Buttons to Package List
  • Template Option for Offline Server
  • Ability to close user basket menu by clicking the backdrop as well

  • Display issue with player count when the value was large...again
  • Display issues on smaller, height-wise, screens
  • Minecraft Heads showing on non-Minecraft Servers
  • Recent Payments displaying weirdly
  • Purchase button ignoring the term agreement checkbox state

  • layout.html
  • category.html
  • package.html
  • package-footer.html
  • checkout.html
  • subscribe.html
  • blockytheme.css
  • schemaFile.json
This update provides hot fixes and new features to Blocky Theme.

Tebex Checkout Support!
Tebex Checkout is new checkout process that provides more gateway support for server owners and easier checkout process for customers.

Much easier to edit!
With this update, the implementation of Tebex's Template options feature will provide ease to server owners and changing their store page around without the worry of breaking something.

More Game Types!
It's not just for Minecraft! Before the update, this template would work with all game types but now, they have server status feature built in as well. This feature only applies to following games:
- Minecraft (Java and Bedrock)
- Unturned
- Rust
- FiveM (GTA V)

Code Improvements
Removed some unneeded scripts and functions to improve load times and processing of the JavaScript.

- Tebex Checkout Support
- Template Option Support
- Server status for more game types (Minecraft Java and Bedrock, Unturned, Rust, and FiveM)
- schemaFile.json

- Display issue with player count when the value was large
- Faster load times by minimizing JavaScript
- Login with discord option was not displayed
- Redemption code background were white on the Dark theme

- layout.html
- category.html
- checkout.html
- subscript.html
- blockytheme.css
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