1. Fekalist_1

    Variusly TURDTASTIC! castles(300x300,Japanese,Redbrick,wooden,dwarf,Bundles,exclusive,1.8/13/14/16)

    (For people who are unawre this shit is for shity marketing reasons, because im the FEKALIST! And please don't let the shitynes of my post bother you in anyway if you are interested in any of my work.) Just some shity varius castles with purpose of wathever shit idea you got. Discord: the...
  2. R


    Hello! If you are interested in applying for staff on a Minecraft server, DropKills is the place to apply. We offer different survival themed gamemodes on many versions (1.8-1.14), and need respectful and experienced developers, builders, and moderators. Interested? Join our server or discord...
  3. 6u5t4v

    Western resourcepack

    Hey. First of all I am not sure if this is the right place to write :/ I am looking for someone to make me a custom western style resourcepack for version atleast 1.13, with the following requirements: Custom guns, knifes, swords, axes - 3D maybe 2D, it depends. armor in shape of hats, wests...
  4. spaldrack

    Chek's v2.0

    Any bug or suggestion tell me on my E-Mail Freatures: Check Version of player (if you have ViaVersion) Check Ping of player (only paperspigot. Tested on 1.15.2) Check Tps of server Check Time online of player Check Player ip or your Check Gamemode of Player Check if Player is...
  5. Speedy

    Making servers (25$) Factions,skyblock,surival etc

    Hey! im currently making factions servers on request for only 25$! that includes everything needed on a factions server and i will make it however you want, i can also make other gamemodes if wanted. More details and stuff on disccord: MrSpeedy_#6335 Previous work...
  6. Oribuin

    Flight Trails v1.0.2

    A lightweight EULA Friendly Particle plugin that adds some color to your flight, Players love this customizable particles plugin! This plugin is open-sourced so if you would like to make any personal changes to the plugin that isn't already available you can suggest a new feature on my Github...
  7. polyb0t

    BungeeCC | A *free* and basic ChatClear plugin for BungeeCord v1.0

    This is a free and basic plugin for BungeeCord. The reason that made me code this plugin is the another BungeeClearChat plugin. It took me few minutes to make this plugin, but some people are selling this. My purpose is saving community from wasting money. You can do whatever you want...
  8. InMud7

    Need someone to add a feature to a custom plugin

    Hello everyone! I'm using a custom plugin I hired a developer to make a long time ago and I've had about 4 developers I think work on it since to fix various bugs. However, recently our server determined to remove it because bugs keep popping up despite our continued effort to eliminate them...
  9. Shamus

    High Quality | Floating Spawn v1

    This beautiful floating island has 5 main buildings a castle, watch tower, bell tower and 2 homes. It also has a lower platform under the island for a better view of the world below. Everything was built in 1.14. I've also added detail to the inside of every building just for that extra high...
  10. Hylix

    1.14.4 - Landertale - Custom Coded SMP - Requesting Staff

    Howdy, Landertale is currently hiring Moderators & Helpers, and overall looking for players to join the closed beta for the server, so you're asking "Hylix what is different between this server and every other server?" Well, you see this is a custom coded survival multiplayer that really focus...
  11. InMud7

    Fixing a Custom Plugin To Prevent Data Loss on Server Crash

    I STRONGLY recommend reading this ENTIRE post rather than just skipping to the end and assuming you can do it. If you contact me and it is obvious you did not read it, your post will be ignored. I have hired multiple developers to work on this plugin over time. It allows players to store items...
  12. InMud7

    Fixing Bugs of a Custom Plugin (if possible)

    Hello everyone. I strongly recommend reading the ENTIRE post before contacting me or claiming you can do it. Background & Situation: In short, I hired a developer to create a plugin. They did and asked for payment before final bug fixes so they could pay their "hospital bill". I paid them after...
  13. FlaringPhoenix

    I need a plugin for nether portals!

    I need a plugin that is like this mod: Click Here If that is not possible could you tell me the alternatives to this? Could a custom 1.14 Spigot jar be made?
  14. Zilley


    Hey, Myself and two other owners are currently hosting a 1.14.x SMP server and need some more members. We are looking for more technical players to join our server who will be constantly active on the server, we had some members who we had to remove from the whitelist due to inactivity and...
  15. Unknown_x

    1.14 Dev Simple Survival! Will Pay!$

    Need a dev for 1.14 Minecraft server pretty simple stuff, perms, ranks, access to my panels & pay per job. Add me on discord @Dank#9990
  16. Unknown_x

    $10 -- Simple 1.14 Survival Setup

    Literally just need simple stuff done, I don't have time, and I don't know how to do it so I will pay someone. I really need someone I can work with again down the line, even someone to give access to all my panels. I will pay, I am happy to pay I know I'm not looking for anything crazy so don't...
  17. J

    Looking for members for a small whitelisted survival server

    Hi there, I'm Jake and I'm looking for people to join my small survival server, so if you want to join the server and play , there are just some small requirements that we will discuss on discord, summer is here so I figured why not start a server.. if any of you have any intrest dm me on...
  18. Gamezland

    ⭐ KitPvP Setup ⭐ Duels, Bounties, Envoys, Test Server + MORE! ⭐

    This is a KitPvP setup which includes a lot of features such as duels, bounties and envoys. This setup also has support from 1.8.8 to 1.14. Test Server: Gamezland.tk Price £19.99 Original £9.99 Sale Click Here to Purchase this Setup Custom Builds | All builds in this setup are custom built...
  19. Unknown_x

    1.14 Minimal Survival Setup

    I am looking for a 1.14 Survival Setup pretty minimal. - Warps - Sethome - Some sort of economy implemented if it's available - Ranks &or/ Rank-up system I will pay! Venmo, PayPal, GooglePay however you want it. (Preferably 1 of those 3) I'm not looking for anything extravagant or out of...