1. fskryanttv_

    RivalCredits Shop | Config - Prisons v1.0

    IF you wish to see the config for your self please feel free to join play.greenmanmc.net (1.16.5+) and then join prisons and the do /Creditshop THIS CONFIG IS MAINLY FOR PRISONS! Skyblock one Here Make sure to join the discord: https://discord.gg/RVNvmg4Yb7 If you need help please join the...
  2. Unique-Setups

    Pixelmon Unique Survival | Premium Setup v1.0

    Setup Pixelmon + Spigot Plugins 1.20.1 Do you want to create a pixelmon server with mods compatible with Spigot plugins? in version 1.20.1 But if you don't have the knowledge or the patience to do it, here we have your solution. This setup which uses Mohist is fully configured to use mods and...
  3. P

    $500 Bounty - Custom Models on Player Body

    My team and I are working on a server-side cosmetics mod for Fabric 1.20.1. Obviously the hats we have figured out, but we need someone who can come in specifically to solve this custom model placement on the body so experience in that area is required. Worth noting that the rendering of custom...
  4. Biggdr

    Pixelmon and Cobblemon Configuration

    Nova-Mart Hello! I use a multitude of side mods for your pixelmon and cobblemon needs including but not limited to: Deluxemenus, Skript, Crates, and other menus. Currently have a variety of pre-made menus such as battletower, biomertp, pokechatstats, itemtrade, and more. Always looking to add...
  5. Biggdr

    Pokemon Fighting Gym v1.0

    This is a small pokemon gym meant for pixelmon or cobblemon servers. The gym includes 2 huge statues of gallade (both regular and shiny versions) As long as a Japanese inspired dojo in the center of a mesa to give the fighting gym feel.
  6. S

    [Requesting] Developer for 50% of profits

    Hey I just thought i'd shoot my shot and offer 50% of the total profits made from the server that is created with said developer. The current plans for the project is to make either a detailed modeled Skyblock/Prisons server that relies on PVE rather than PvP with custom mobs replacing boring...
  7. AL_MC

    Minigame IslandGun - Supports GeyserMC v1.1

    Are you looking for a new idea for your server? You are in the right place! I offer you an integrated server that gives you amazing possibilities: Rob banks: Sneak into fortified banks and open their vaults full of gold. Randem Respawn: Upon death, you will be respawned at another location...
  8. ToAwesome

    The Ultimate Economy Plugin v1.0

    Introducing Our Advanced Economy Plugin – Efficiency and Flexibility for Your Minecraft Server Our Economy Plugin is the ultimate solution for server administrators looking for a powerful and flexible economic system. Designed to ensure a smooth player experience for up to 200 players...
  9. Im_A_Bread

    Japanese Lobby I 245x196 v1.20.1

    Construction Description: Size: 245x196 Version: 1.20.1 Spawn Locations: +1 NPC Locations: +5 Studio information: Discord: discord.justfruitsmc.net Twitter: twitter
  10. SynGirls

    Lunar Abyss - Earth SMP 1:3000 map [1.20.1]

    WELCOME TO THE LUNAR ABYSS!!!! We offer both java and bedrock connections! We are an Earth SMP minecraft server. We have plugins ranging from Ecom to MythicalRaces premium! We are looking for staff of ALL experiences! If you need to get in touch with me about joining our server or our staff...
  11. iCawehz

    KungFuBox - 350x350 v1.0

    KungFuBox - 350x350 Characteristics: 1- 12 mines (17 in total) 2- Spawn area 3- Crates area 4- Trade area 5- Initial Mine Zone File World & Schematic Version 1.16+ If you want to know more about this product or ask about another type of file (.schem) you can get support in our discord!
  12. S

    Jujutsu Kaisen Anime Minecraft SMP

    Hello, We are using an amazing map named ''Mattupolis'' (Not ours link to the map: https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/mattupolis-large-modern-city-project/), a very enhanced and large city map. We use the jujutsu craft mod, a mod with powers based on characters from the anime itself. We...
  13. ImCupcake

    Recruiting Staff for CosmicGalaxy LLC!

    🌌 CosmicGalaxy LLC Staff Recruitment Announcement 🌌 Dear Minecraft Enthusiasts, I am Cupcake, the proprietor of CosmicGalaxy LLC, and I am thrilled to extend an invitation to accomplished individuals to join our distinguished team. Our meticulously crafted 1.20+ CosmicPvP remake, boasting...
  14. Frost_Beer

    Wave Gate Facade - Free download v1.0

    Hello you! I welcome you to the Wave Gate! This magical building is heavily inspired by Santiago de Compostella - Spain. In the nearby future I will be uploading several free downloadable files on my page. I hope you'll enjoy this build also, feel free to give some feedback on how I should...
  15. Ancestry

    StealGens - Premium Setup EN | ES v1.0

    STEALGENS SETUP CUSTOM ARMORS | CUSTOM SWORDS & TOOLS | CUSTOM GENERATORS | HEX COLORS | CLEAR BLOCKS 1.20.1 NATIVE VERSION Supports 1.20.x with Viaversion plugin. To run the setup you will need Java 17. NOTE: I don't give support for versions below than NATIVE version. Ping me on Discord...
  16. Ancestry

    Galaxy BoxPvP - Premium Setup EN | ES v1.2

    GALAXYBOX SETUP 15 MINES | CUSTOM ARMORS | CUSTOM SWORDS & TOOLS | OFFHANDS | GEYSER SUPPORT HEX COLORS 1.20.1 NATIVE VERSION Supports 1.20.x with Viaversion plugin. To run the setup you will need Java 17. NOTE: I don't give support for versions below than NATIVE version. Ping me on Discord...
  17. PokeOdyssey

    [Paid] Forge Mod to Preload Resource Pack

    Looking for a dev that can create a mod that preloads a server/host resource pack. The resource pack would need to be updated and enabled when launching Minecraft and can't be disabled. Extra info: Forge 1.20.1 (possible future updates as well) Client-side only Updates through a link (similar...
  18. FungusDEV

    BoxPVP Setup / EN | With ResourcePack v1.2

    WARNING! it will be best for you if you test this setup on TEST SERVER and the best part is that you can join test server without premium account and you will have op there
  19. bambusovite

    minecraft model of basic pickaxe v1.0

    This is nice basic PICKAXE model :) (with texture, of course) THANKS FOR BUYING!
  20. leeleelee

    [request] server optimization

    hello. I run a Minecraft survival server with 30~40 users. We tried various methods, but the server optimization was not smooth, so we maintained Tps of 10~15. We are looking for an expert to help us with server optimization. discord id : sorry for bad language. i using translator
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