1. Galactic_Wolf

    【Wolf Build Shop】 【Starting at $3.00】

    Hey guys, my name is Galactic_Wolf. I was formerly a builder on Mineplex, MC-Central, and many other small-scaled servers. Though I don't have many builds as of now, I will be posting many builds on mine that are currently for sale and updating is as I go along. I take up certain commissions...
  2. Millennium

    Requesting custom Faction spawn! (willing to pay) {Must be a true builder and seller}

    Hello my name is Fiend. I currently own a network. I am looking for a faction spawn. Which is fully custom. I would like to include a shop in the spawn {If possible} I would also like 4 community animal farm's. This spawn need's to be atleast 200x200 or bigger. Mu Budget is 15- 20$. I do not...
  3. darkblazeman

    Closed, Made new thread

  4. darkblazeman

    Cosmic Creations | Professional Building Service

    Got anymore questions? Pm me or send me a message on Skype or Discord. Skype: darkblazeman Discord: darkblazeman#4850 Our website:
  5. accounting

    ☕ accounting's trailer shop - CHEAP, FAST, RELIABLE ☕

    Hello there everyone, I am accounting on this thread you'll see that I sell trailers for CHEAP, and also very FAST. STATUS: Currently the status of this shop is closed ! ABOUT: I go by accounting and I've recently gotten into the editing portion of the internet I find it very interesting of...
  6. Xandith

    » SoaringHCF | Looking For Builders «

    Welcome To The SoaringHCF Builder Application! Hello, My name is Dylan the owner of SoaringHCF. On the behalf of all of my staff team and me, We would like to have any builders who think that they are applicable please apply. We would love to see your builds and have you build for us. We need a...
  7. Annie

    Custom Banners [No vouch copies left]

    I am looking to customize some template I have made! I will do 3 vouch copies for the $1 ones, then the rest will cost money. My goal is to provide cheap and high quality banners for everyone! Custom work may cost more. All work will be done within 24 Hours of the order if not you may send me an...
  8. Ima_B3AR_getReked

    --->>><<<UltraSkyBlock Looking for sponcers and players<<<>>>---

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Info --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  9. backer

    profile pictures

    forum: what do you want: text font (if any): ign (for mc profile picture): this is to build up my profile so please vouch or leave a rating
  10. StarSparker

    |$10| 100x100 Factions Spawn

    Minecraft Factions Spawn Hey there! Today I have a minecraft factions spawn ready to be put into your server! The build's dimensions are 100x100. I am selling this build for $10. For any more questions, PM me. A link to the Sellfy website to purchase the build schematic is below. Shop...
  11. DaEaglePlayz

    RisingHeroes Network | Cracked | Playerbase

    Rising Heroes Network Hello everyone! Information: My friend, the owner of Rising Heroes is willing to sell his server. This server is a cracked Minecraft server, with four different gamemodes. This includes Semi - OP Prison, Factions, Skyblock and Minigames (KitPvP, TnTRUN, Snake). Player...
  12. Gimzy


    Hello I quit minecraft as well as my faction server. I bought this map a while back for it for $40 and now I simply want to re-sell it. I did not build it a amazing builder named Dr.Bond did and gave me permission to sell, and I will be giving him part of the money. It has a place for shops (...
  13. CSS3_

    Porto | Beautiful HTML Parallax Portal Template

    Live Preview! Click Me! A beautiful portal template made with Parallax. FULL MOBILE SUPPORT! Update: Working on a new portal with Cloud which will be up soon! About: The portal is made with Parallax and other open source assets. It is a unique way to open up your wordpress, enjin, xenforo, or...
  14. PyroDZN

    Amazing and cheap graphics! // PyroDZN

    Hello :) My name is PyroDZN and this is my first post on MC-Market. I am a graphcs designer and I offer quality graphics for cheap prices! My prices start from $1.00. I can make yo a full revamp for only $2.50 and make thumbnails or outros for $1.70. I accept PayPal and PaySafeCard payments...
  15. MineologyTeam

    [High Quality] Mytic- Server- Spawn|Lobby|Hub!

    „A long time ago, way back before common era, forces lorded our world so powerful no one could ever imagine nowadays. Age-old magic! A power so mighty that it could unhinge the world and change its faith for ages. I heard people tell about hidden places, buried, destroyed or even said to be lost...
  16. they

    Cool Tech Forum

    A New Forum Has Recently Emerged. It launched today and is based around all online services, code, and much more. I highly recommend you check it out. "dont trust they" -DJ Khaled
  17. NextGeneric

    [CHEAP] Amazing waiting lobby for ANY MINI-GAME!

    Hello everyone. I'm selling real masterpiece waiting lobby that will get every your player fascinated. The Lobby is built by a professional builder in a picturesque style. I used to use it on my old minigames project but I've abandoned It so do not need any maps from here. I think this Waiting...
  18. Questinq

    HCF Spawn

    New thread...
  19. ToxicBatz

    MineCraft Server/Enjin Setups

    Hello Everyone My name is Matthew or (ToxicBatz), and I have been in the server game since MineCraft 1.3.2. I have been admin on many large servers including the server MineLegacy that kept 300-500 people on, but eventually shut down and I have owned many SkyBlock servers that were very...
  20. prophetofanger

    Epic Spawn - High Quality!

    Exterior ^ Exterior (different angle) ^ Interior ^ Birds eye view ^ Proof ^ Selling for $35! DOESNT come with plots! We built this spawn with the intent that we where gonna open a creative server but that never happend (thats why its in a plot world and says plots on it, but we can...